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How To Get Back Into Your Fitness Routine



fitness routine

Finding your groove after you’ve taken a break from your fitness routine can be very hard. Finding motivation is difficult. Being lazy is easier than working out especially in the mornings when all you want to do is to continue sleeping. But taking care of yourself goes beyond paying the bills. It also includes being physically fit. Exercising regularly does not only shed unwanted pounds. It also boosts the immune system and improves blood circulation. So how do you get back into your fitness routine? Here are some tips you need to consider.

Start with Something Easy

You can’t run marathons on your first day back. You used to do this but taking a break can make your body lose muscle memory and running a full marathon on your first day back can cause more harm than good. Instead of aiming high right away and getting disappointed when you don’t accomplish your goal, start with something easy and then raising the bar after accomplishing it. Instead of running for hours, try for something smaller like a 5K run on your first day back into your fitness routine. You can gradually add distance as you get used to working out again.

Starting small will make you feel accomplished and inspire you to work harder. It helps you avoid disappointments and keeps you from getting frustrated if you don’t accomplish your goals.

Stick To A Schedule

Exercising regularly means finding time everyday to actually do it. The best way to stick to a schedule and get back to your fitness routine is to clear time in your calendar for exercising. For example, the most convenient time for you to workout is during morning before everybody gets up. Commit to this schedule for 1 week (start small). As the next week rolls around, check if this schedule is still working and commit for another week and continue until you achieve your fitness goals.

Scheduling workout is important because other commitments are usually the first excuse we dish out when we fail to show up for it. No matter what time of day you schedule your workout, stick to it so you can tick it off and you complete your commitment week-by-week until you reach your goals.

Vary Your Workout

Your fitness schedule should be varied to prevent boredom. If you like to run, switch it up with a couple of days strength training so that you tone other muscles in the body. A varied workout is also the key to being more successful especially if you want to lose weight. Mixing it up is fun. You expose yourself to different exercises and people by taking up Zumba, Cross-fit or Spin Class and alternating it with your regular workout like running. You can also learn a new sport to make workouts varied.

Find a Buddy

A workout buddy is a great idea if you want to go back to working out. You can go on runs or to the gym together. You can motivate each other and make sure you stick to the schedule every week. How would you feel if your gym buddy ditched you? You would feel abandoned, right?

For people who want to lose weight, a gym buddy can also be a diet buddy. You can motivate each other to eat healthier and embrace a better eating lifestyle.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself periodic rewards not just for losing weight but also for staying committed to your workout routine. You can buy new workout shoes after you’ve lost 20 pounds or a pair of new yoga pants after 30 straight yoga sessions. Giving yourself rewards will motivate you to reach your goals and keep going. Rewarding yourself also makes you feel good and accomplished inspiring you to hit the gym harder or to find more ways to keep healthy.

Finally, write a fitness journal. This will help you track your progress as you go along. It shows you how far you’ve gone and what you need to accomplish for the future. It doesn’t need to be detailed but simple information like beginning weight, cholesterol levels, sugar levels, waistline and other small things will keep you inspired especially when you start achieving goals. You can also include motivational quotes and your reward so that you can keep your goals in sight.  

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How The Technology of 23andMe Benefits You




Tracing down our ancestry is a difficult but possible task thanks to 23andMe. Ancestry research is an obsessive hobby that is provoked by curiosity. You can discover historical events, trace medical conditions, find birth parents, and understand yourself through DNA testing. With 23andMe, people can now discover the truth about their genes. Through extensive DNA analysis, 23andMe can interpret your biological roots from a simple saliva sample.

More than 500,000 consumers have bought a test from 23andMe. For it to work, consumers have to spit into a tube and ship it to the company. To retrieve your results, you must first create an account on the 23andMe website and log in within six-to-eight weeks to view your data.

The massive biotech company employs scientific researchers to study customer data for research on inherited disorders. The team is filled with quality workers and a pool of professional partners in fields like pharmaceutical and biotechnology. 23andMe hopes to provide consumers who wanted to know about their DNA information on any potential genetic disorders or diseases. For the first time ever, the genetics company offers direct to consumer genetic tests on breast cancer. Anyone who is curious about their future health risk, 23andMe is the ideal service to get answers from.

In tracing back your genetic roots to compare you to a total of 150 regions, people can now discover their DNA background. 23andMe have united many disconnected families from their service. The option to publicize your results to rekindle with other family members have proved to serve a great purpose to users.


Image From

The precision of 23andMe is impressive. The results are not vague responses. The scores show percentages and specific breakdowns on your ancestry. With a total of 150 regions, 23andMe ensures an informative report to fulfill your curiosity. The ancestry discovery has given people an identity and the chance to reconnect with their culture. Customers have the opportunity to share their results for research purposes, so most have consented while others chose to remain anonymous.

The health and wellness report will analyze your genetic risk for up to 10 diseases. This information is intended for people who are concern about their future health. The data comments on your potential variants to lactose intolerance, saturated fat and weight, alcohol flush reaction, genetic weight, deep sleep, muscle composition, sleep movement and more.

The more serious analysis are the findings of potential late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, AAT Deficiency (a lung and liver disease), Celiac Disease, Hereditary Hemochromatosis (iron-related) and Hereditary Thrombophilia (blood clots), and others. Users do not have to oblige and see the results, you can choose to keep the answer hidden.

Although the company have experienced issues with the FDA in the past, since last April, the FDA agreed to allow 23andMe to sell direct-to-consumer genetic predisposition tests for 10 diseases, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Celiac disease. This innovative business idea is benefiting many consumers. 23andMe’s technology have reconnected families, provide useful knowledge, and give health warnings.


Image From

The innovative biotech company proves just how rapidly technology is advancing. DNA testing will only improve from this point on. 23andMe have benefited many customers with their technology. As they continue to grow and improve, a 23andMe spokesperson shares how the technology of 23andMe benefits you:

How does 23andMe work?

“You can read about the process on our website here. You choose from our two products – the  Ancestry Service and Health + Ancestry Service. You can either buy the kits from one of our retailers (Target, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, etc.) or from our website. Your kit will take 3-5 days to arrive, you follow the kit instructions to spit in the tube provided, register your kit with the 14-digit barcode associated with your kit, and mail the tube back in the prepaid package.

In approximately 6-8 weeks, we’ll send you an email letting you know your reports are ready in your online account!”

What inspired 23andMe?


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“Our company’s founders believe that everyone has the right to access their personal genetic information. We believe in the power of genetics to transform health and empower people, and that your genetic information is the most valuable thing you can contribute to help accelerate research”.

How will people benefit from 23andMe?

“23andMe customers will benefit in three ways:

  • Access Revolutionary Science
    • The only crowdsourced data set for genotypic and phenotypic big data analysis.
    • Health and ancestry reports driven by top-tier scientific rigor
    • Data-driven drug development by accomplished scientists
  • Discover Evolving Insights
    • Explore your unique health, ancestry, wellness and personal trait data
    • Engage with family members or connect with new ones
    • Learn more as new reports are released
  • Improve Healthcare
    • Easily participate in disease-fighting research
    • Drug development based on human genetics
    • Stay informed about the impact you’re making”

Are the analysts completely accurate?


Image From

“We proved through the FDA review process our ability to accurately call, or find, these variants with 99.9% accuracy when compared to Sanger sequencing results, the gold standard for accuracy.

23andMe uses an Illumina genotyping chip, widely used in academic and medical research, to capture genetic information and samples are processed in a CLIA-certified laboratory, the gold standard for laboratory testing, that also adheres to CAP (College of American Pathologists) standards. These are the same standards applied to doctor-ordered tests. We also have a variety of proprietary validation processes and quality controls that are applied to data before information is ever returned to a customer”.

How does 23andMe stand out to other competitors?

“We offer the only FDA-authorized genetic health reports directly to consumers, without a prescription. We also have a unique Research division, in which our customers can consent to participate in research (over 80% of them do consent) and answer questions that we can then use for research. Our customers have contributed to over 100 studies/published papers to date!”

How does the company overcome setbacks?

“Our CEO has said she doesn’t shy away from conflict. If you put your head down, do the work you need to do, and don’t give up, persistence will pay off. In 2013, when we received the letter from FDA warning us to stop marketing the Ancestry + Health Service, we didn’t give up. We believe people have a right to their genetic information without going through a doctor, and we are committed to providing it in the most responsible way possible. We will continue to work with the FDA to get more genetic information out to the public”.

Are you looking to improve? If so, how?


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“Yes, we are constantly looking to improving and working to provide additional information to our customers. Prior to November 2013 had more reports than we currently offer. As an FDA regulated company we’re working with the agency to provide health-related reports to our customers, beginning with carrier status, authorized by the FDA in February 2015, and genetic health risk reports, authorized by the FDA in April 2017. In fact, we just announced the FDA clearance of our BRCA 1/2 (Selected Variant) report, that is the first FDA authorized genetic test for cancer risk, and also expanded our Ancestry Composition product to over 150 populations around the world. We also just launched our Conditions pages, where customers can rate various treatments for common health conditions they suffer from, including asthma and depression”.

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How to Eat Healthy, Lose Belly Fat, and Feel Spectacular



Business owners and entrepreneurs are hard workers and that often time leads to late hours at the office, staying up late, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits.  Let’s start the new year with a positive change that will have an immediate effect on your work life balance.

What NOT to eat

Often times it’s not what food you SHOULD eat to stay healthy, but it’s the food you SHOULDN’T eat.

Sugar: Sugar is highly addictive, fattening, and often leads to obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Grains: Anything white or made from flour should be avoided.  If your aim is to lose weight, avoiding Grain is a must!

Seeds/Vegetable Oil: These are made from processed fat containing high amounts of Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Omega-6 Fatty Acids are good for you as it promotes tissue repair, however too much is bad for you)

Trans Fat: Very common in processed food.  Any fat that’s been altered or chemically modified is automatically bad for your body.  Don’t eat it! (Trans fat are created by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil to solidify them)

Artificial Sweetener: Despite the fact that they’re supposedly better for you than sugar, there are direct links between artificial sugar and obesity in recent studies. (If you must use artificial sweetener, use Stevia instead).

Any “Diets” or “Low-fat” products: A lot of these food claims to be healthy, and they’re anything but healthy.  Some even claim to use Agave Syrup instead of sugar, strangely enough, Agave Syrup is just as bad as sugar.  In short, Diet/Low-fat products tend to be more loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners that are just as bad for you, if not worse in many cases.

Highly Processed Foods: These foods are an obvious one to stay away from.  They often are low in nutritional content and high in unnatural and artificial chemicals that shouldn’t be in your body.


For the year and exciting year, try to stay from any products that fit the list above and you’ll find yourself eating much healthier with renewed energy.

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Things You Should Never Say During A Presentation



Many people have cold feet when they are asked to present something in front of a live audience. A sales presentation is a make or break situation for the companies. An excellent presentation can bring in a lot of new prospects for the company. Similarly, a bad presentation can also sour the relationship with an eager prospect. Public speaking is intimidating, but you can avoid the common mistakes and make a mark as a public speaker. You should be calm, confident and organized during the presentation. Here are some points you should remember during a presentation

“Hello! Can everyone hear me?”

You can feel very nervous before your presentation, but do not begin with this question. It is your responsibility to check the audio, but try to arrive early to check everything. When you are speaking at a large conference hall, the chances are high that someone has already checked the audio-visual facilities. Take a deep breath and smile at the audience. Begin with full confidence.

“I’ve got a lot of information to cover, so let me get started.”

This statement can make your audience lose all interest in your presentation. People believe that longer presentations are boring. Starting with this statement assumes that it’s going to be a long boring lecture instead of a captivating presentation. If your presentation happens to be long, do the work to shorten it in advanced, and come prepared to give a more condensed presentation without losing the overall message. 

“I’ll keep it short”

This is a promise no one keeps. You should not use this statement before the presentation. Your audience comes to hear something promising and get inspired. It does not matter if your speech is long or short. When you say “I’ll keep it short”, you’re also underselling your ability to maintain your audience’s attention. 

“I did not have much time to prepare”

You should not begin your speech with an excuse. People in the audience look forward that the presentation will be a well-prepared one. They invest their time and money to be prepared for your presentation. It’s only fair that you should be prepared to present. 


Never use the words like “Umm”, “you know” or “like” in your presentation. Your audience will assume that you are not confident about what you are saying. The fillers in your speech can distract them from the main point of the presentation. If you need to think about something, you can take a short pause in between.

“In Future, we plan to…”

Never reveal anything about the products that is still under production. Make public announcements of your new products and offers. Your audience expects detailed information of your new and ready products. If you have something exciting on the way, wait for it to actually be ready to start talking about it. 

“Avoid reading through the pages”

Do not just read aloud the pages or slides. This can turn the session dull for your audience. Try to present your points in an interesting way. You can begin with a small story or show some examples.

“I’ll get back to that later”

The audience is always eager to interact with you. They can ask many questions after your presentation. Do not avoid their questions. It leaves a bad impression on your audience. Try to answer their questions politely.

“I guess that’s it”

You should not end your presentation with this statement. Prepare your speech in such a way that it becomes obvious it is the end. Your transition to your next point should come naturally.

Make your speech fit in the given time-slot. Do not come underprepared and prolong your speech. You should not completely depend on the prepared write-ups or slides. Try to conclude it with some interesting information. Keep some time to interact with the audience, but do not get stuck with irrelevant points or questions.

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