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Top Advertising Statistics and Channels in 2021



Advertising in 2021 is certainly different compared to the previous years. Although traditional advertising still works, digital marketing is proving to be a marketer’s best friend in 2021. Why? Because digital advertising is more targeted and cost-efficient. The total ad spend for online advertising amounted to around $341 billion in 2020. This figure is slightly lower than the more expensive marketing counterpart, which is approximately $379 billion. This goes to show how much marketers are investing in online advertising. If you’re not convinced, here are the top online advertising statistics and channels in 2021.

PPC Advertising Statistics

Pay-per-click advertising will get your brands to scale quickly. Your customers will see your website and offers the moment they type their queries on search engines. These paid ads can also appear as banner ads on various websites. Here’s why you should invest in PPC advertising:

1. Social Media Today says there were around seven million advertisers who invested over $10 billion for PPC advertisements in 2017. 

2. One of the primary hindrances in online ads is ad blockers. There were 25.8 percent of online users worldwide who used online ad blockers in 2019. 

3. PPC is highly effective as Formstack considers PPC one of the top three reasons for on-page conversions.

4. According to Moz, traffic from PPC can offer advertisers 50 percent more conversions than non-paid advertising such as SEO. 

5. WordLead says 65 percent of users click on online ads when buying a product or subscribing to a service. 

6. It’s no surprise why more and more marketers use PPC advertising. Over 40 percent of businesses prefer to spend a big budget on PPC advertising.

7. Unfortunately, users don’t notice 92 percent of paid advertisements, according to KOL. Therefore, make the visuals and copy count. 

SEO Advertising Statistics

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also another effective digital marketing strategy. The upper hand of setting up SEO marketing is its cost-efficiency. Take note of these SEO advertising statistics:

1. 53 percent of the website traffic comes from organic search.

2. Google holds 91.75 percent of the total global search engine market. It’s no surprise why Google is an Omnipotent channel!

3. The average number of organic searches on mobile is 8.5 percent. These searches can be found on the first pages. On the other hand, the average number of organic searches on desktops is 8.7 percent

4. According to Borrell Associates, U.S. brands and agencies paid around $79.27 billion on SEO marketing in 2020. 

5. Majority of the businesses in the U.S. are spending over $5,000 on SEO marketing. 

6. If you provide relevance and value, your content won’t be one of the 90.63 percent of web pages that don’t get organic traffic.

7. There was 50.3 percent of browser-based queries on Google that didn’t get any clicks.

8. Leverage positive reviews on your organic content as 91 percent of users say positive reviews influence them to purchase. 

Social Media Advertising Statistics

Social media advertising is undeniably expected in every online advertiser’s arsenal right now. If you’re not leveraging social media marketing, then your brand is missing out. Here are some social media advertising statistics worth looking into:

1. There are over 3.6 billion social media users worldwide. This figure is also expected to increase to around $4.41 billion by 2025. 

2. SocialTimes predicts that the social media advertising spend will incredible double in five years. 

3. B2B marketers admit that the top three social media channels they use for promoting their products and services are LinkedIn at 91 percent, Twitter at 85 percent, and Facebook at 81 percent. 

4. When advertising on social media, advertisers aim for different goals. 83 percent use it for brand exposure, 65 percent for market insights, and 69 percent to increase website traffic. 

5. Facebook is still the biggest social media channel worldwide, with over 2.7 billion active users in 2020. 

6. Facebook’s benchmark for its engagement rate is 0.09 percent for every post across all industries.

7. With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the top social networks to date. Five hundred million of those users are actively using I.G. Stories.

8. Brands should invest in social media advertising as users spend about 144 minutes per day checking their social media channels.

9. One social media platform that you may overlook is Reddit. In December 2020, Reddit reported they have over 50+ million users daily. With that said, you can reach a wide range of users on the platform.

Email Advertising Statistics

Email is another personalized marketing tactic that can foster customer relationships and increase conversions. Through A/B testing and email segmentation, advertisers can maximize their email marketing efforts. Check out these email advertising statistics:

1. There were about 293.6 billion emails sent and received in 2018 every day. 

2. Email marketing’s average click-through rate is 3.43 percent

3. Email marketing’s average open rate was 22.15 percent

4. In 2019, email marketing’s unsubscribe rate was 0.2 percent

5. Email advertising has a 42-dollar return on every dollar spent. 

6. Email advertising has a 40-percent chance of converting than Twitter and Facebook.

7. Segmented email strategies prove it increases click-through rates by 50 percent.

Content Marketing Statistics

Content Marketing is excellent when you want to educate and foster customer relationships. This strategy is also effective in gaining more followers and conversions. Provided that you complement content with killer visuals, you’ll likely soar your brand through content marketing. These advertising statistics should persuade you to create valuable content:

1. According to Venngage, 88 percent of advertisers integrate visuals in their content.

2. On average, 37 percent of email marketers spend up to five hours weekly planning and producing visual content. 

3. Stock photos are used in some brands’ content, according to 42 percent of email marketers.

4. Posts with images garner up to 650 percent more engagement than posts without images.

5. 67 percent of consumers claim that high-quality images influence them to purchase. And this is why custom images done by the experts are recommended. 

6. Video content reigned in 2020, acquiring 80 percent of all internet traffic. 

7. In fact, 73 percent of marketers plan to increase their video content in their future marketing campaigns.  

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OpenStudio – Business Management All-In-One



We all need a service that makes business easier, right? Managing your team, your finances, your documents, and your customers can be an arduous juggle. There are a few services out there that help businesses manage all of this. But have you heard of OpenStudio? No? Well, allow us to make a proper introduction. 

OpenStudio helps you centralize all the applications and services you may need in order to run a business. 

Some of the top features offered by OpenStudio are necessary in order to run a business but haven’t necessarily been rolled into one package. Things like IT Protocol/Document Management create a shared workspace to save your important documents for future consultation. 

Or perhaps you may find the Permissions and Authorization Management feature useful. You can decide which permissions and applications every member can access. 

OpenStudio offers the following services: 

  • Surveys
  • Content Management
  • Task Management
  • Ticketing
  • Alerts
  • Document Management
  • File Sharing

There are other similar services, but none of them are as neatly packaged and formatted as OpenStudio. Running a business doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need should be at your fingertips. A custom environment to manage your team, your finance, your documents, and your customers? Sign us up.

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Archbee Is Here To Centralize Your Company Data



If you could describe Archbee in two words they would be: “documentation specialist.”

Founded in 2018 with $1 million in funding. Archbee is a knowledge base platform for technical teams to create, structure, and share documentation internally and to customers. 

The software provides a set of customized tools for software developers. This enables everyone in the business to organize key information and intelligence in a single hub. That’s a benefit of colleagues and customers, both present and future. 

Meet Dragos

In an interview with Forbes, founder and CEO of Archbee, Dragos Bulugean stated: 

We are talking about the knowledge that makes your business what it is. Archbee is meant to be the one-stop-shop for the documentation needs of software companies.”

“Businesses are in a rush to create products, launch them faster, and be the first to market. An important part of creating a product is its catalog or index – in essence, the ‘how to’ guide.’”

“It is this often neglected task that Archbee is making it easier to create. It is not just a product manul but a central knowledge base and the true front of knowledge which is making an impact on commercial metrics – helping improve onboarding time for customers, reducing the number of support tickets and, importantly, making the products understood by users.”

“We’re focused on helping any company that builds software to create collaborative spaces which are accessible to all and easy to use.” 

This long-awaited platform offers editing, document collaboration, Slack integration, file storage, and other related services. These features, in turn, enable engineers to disseminate real-time information about planning on their construction team. 

When you have a software as innovative as Archbee, it frees time up for developers and engineers. That way they’re able to spend more time in “deep-work” mode and solve more challenging problems that require full attention. 

In short, with Archbee, you can centralize all of your information in one place.

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Meet The World With Memrise



All over the world, around 60-75% of people speak at least one language. People who speak more than one language report improved memory, problem-solving, critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, and more. So, if you speak more than one language, you essentially have an improved brain. If you want to join this crowd, Memrise may be the most effective option out there. 

One of the things that had kind of caught my attention was that psychology around how we learn languages.

Ben Whatley, Co-Founder and CPO of Memrise, learned French the way most of us learn a second language. We’re given the rules of the language, the grammar, how to speak properly. But there’s a flaw in that approach. 

I would go to France and I couldn’t speak a word. I wanted to understand why that was.

“That was a light bulb moment.”

The way we’re taught language is from the left brain perspective as opposed to the right. The left brain involves analytics, reading, and writing. The right brain involves creativity. If you need a metaphor to help you out, the left brain is the uptight, brilliant nerd and the right brain is the hippie-dippie artist.

Whenever you’re learning a language, you may often hear that the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in it. If you’re learning Spanish, spend a month in Mexico City. If you’re learning Japanese, take a trip to Tokyo. And so on. The grammatical approach to learning language has its value, but it’s the colloquial experience that truly helps imprint 

Whatley and fellow Oxford classmate, Ed Cooke, founded Memrise in 2010. Cooke, a Grand Master of Memory, had combined his skills with Whatley’s observations and ideas. They conceived of a new method of language learning. One more in line with immersion than grammar. 

We’ve been gradually and daringly evolving the product to bring more and more of the richness of real-world content into the course of our ongoing experience.” 

In 2016, we did a tour around Europe on a double-decker bus to collect a video dictionary of all the European languages. 

“Tens of thousands of short videos of native speakers [speaking] in context.

While other language learning apps like Duolingo or Babbel have computerized voices, Memrise has actual recorded voices.

That kind of got baked into our core algorithm – namely naturalistic accents, idioms, phrases as they’re spoken in the real world, not sort of in the kind of academic sense, but a kind of multi-dimensional learning.” – Cooke

Most everyone really wants when they’re learning a language is they’re learning it to connect with other people, to be able to read what other people mean and to be able to express themselves to other people.” – Whatley

Speaking Spanish to your teacher versus speaking to a coworker is notably different. Your teacher will have you say “poco” to mean “little” when your coworker will make fun of you for sounding too proper. Memrise would teach you that “poquito” is the casual way to say “little.” 

Memrise is disrupting the academic dominance of language learning by focusing more on practice than technique. How many native English speakers do you know that speak perfectly grammatical English? 

Let’s take “you all.” In the south, you’ll here “ya’ll.” But in Pittsburgh, you’ll hear “yinz.” Do you think ESL teachers are noting things like that? Probably not. Memrise, however, does focus on this more casual ways of speaking because they have a stronger understanding of how the human brain functions and how we communicate with one another. 

One interesting feature you’ll find with Memrise but not any other language learning app are Zoom conversations. These are free rooms where you can hop in and speak, say, Spanish with other people. Instead of traveling to Mexico City to immerse yourself in the Spanish language, you can log into Zoom and speak it with other speakers. 

It’s live person to person – it’s not a lesson. It is just about trying to use whatever language skills you’ve got in your in your bag. Just try and get it out there and use it, because that’s what happens when you are actually in a country.” – Whatley

The aspiration is to make it as fun as being in the country.” – Cooke

It’s never too late to learn a language. The pleasure of learning and speaking a new language is immeasurably rewarding. As Memrise says on their site, “learn and language and meet the word.”

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