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Improve Communication Skills As An Introvert



Some of the most successful business people are introverted, however they would argue that those same traits have helped them become successful. Introverted does not always mean shy. It means that you generally prefer solitude as opposed to interacting with large groups. You probably feel recharged by alone time, and begin to be withdrawn after long periods of social interaction. You may enjoy reading, writing, and thinking more than talking, hanging out, or partying. While introversion and amazing communication skills do not always go hand in hand, there are ways to improve communication skills. In doing so, you will be able to see visible growth as an entrepreneur.

Practicing Your Elevator Pitch

Selling your business is the number one priority for any entrepreneur. You must be able to effectively communicate what you do and how well you do it. As an introvert, public speaking may not be your forte, but practicing is a key part when trying to improve communication skills and can help for when you get in front of bigger audiences. Even if you just practice with a friend, it can give you adequate preparation for real life instances. An elevator pitch should be about 30-45 seconds of you explaining to someone who you are, what you do, and what you are about. Make it a lasting impression! Read this article to learn how to write better elevator pitch.

Networking Events

Networking events is a great place to break out of your shell, because you will find that everyone’s goals are consistent. Find networking events in your area that focus on marketing businesses and you may find comfort in speaking to people who are on the same path as you. Most colleges offer entrepreneurship courses, and there are websites dedicated to providing details for meetups around the country. These meetups can be focused on any specific field and they always have a variety of things for you to do. 

Build confidence in what you do and who you are as a brand

Be confident! Confidence is one of the building blocks to having a successful business. As an introvert, you may feel as if your words or ideas are not as important as someone else’s. Or, you may be hesitant to share because of rejection or failure. Once you have put in enough time and work, it will become easier to speak about your business. Improve communication skills by building the confidence to talk about your brand. Here’s another great article on how you can hack confidence

Relax, Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

As an introvert, you are probably prone to living inside of your own head. If you get too caught up you may begin to miss out on opportunities to just live in the moment. Being an entrepreneur calls for you to be spontaneous and go with the flow. The life of an entrepreneur is unpredictable. Instead of focusing on what you did wrong, or how awkward that last conversation was, or how that presentation failed so badly – just focus on making the next interaction better. The more you do, the more comfortable you will be. Challenge yourself to speak to more people each week. Not only through social media, but equally incorporate face time with these people as well.

Don’t Force It

Introversion and extroversion are two character traits that come to us naturally whether we like them or not. Preferring to be alone, have quiet time, or needing time to recharge are not negative traits or habits. Preferring to be social, being outgoing, or thriving in public spaces are also not necessarily positive or negative. Being yourself is a key in business because people can sense when you are not being genuine, and a lack of authenticity can negatively affect your business. Don’t force yourself on people with a personality that does not belong to you. The people that you are meant to work with will come. Keep doing great work, improve communication skills, and things will fall into place.

Find an Extroverted Business Partner

A great way to accentuate your strengths in business is to find a partner who can compensate for things that you lack. An extroverted business partner who is just as focused, driven, and smart as you can help immensely with communication. This partner should be more open to engaging larger crowds, networking easily, and tolerating small talk more gracefully than you can. Introversion does not equal a lack of personality or charisma, so do not think that this partner should control all public interactions. Continue to utilize your skills to draw in clients in smaller groups, while your extroverted partner can handle larger interactions.

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1 Comment

  1. Zee

    September 14, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Amazing tips. I need to implement some of these!

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How Office Design Enhances Productivity



office design

Did you know that how your workplace design can impact the productivity of your employees? Aside from this, office design also affects employee safety and health. A study by international architectural firm Gensler in the US states that even small workplace designs such as lighting and spatial layout affects employee productivity. So how does environment impact the health, safety and productivity of employees?

Sitting Down

Our work has a big impact on your health. Most of the time employees spend a lot of time on their desks, so they are becoming sedentary. As we all know, sitting down for long periods of time has adverse affects on our health. It makes us gain weight, which in turn can lead to more problems like heart disease and obesity. Getting sick could lead to more days away from work or hospital stays, which could inhibit productivity of the employee.

Designing office spaces that encourages movement or walking can help curb these problems for employees and employers alike. There are workstations that are designed to be used in either sitting or standing position. An open space design also encourages employees to walk from one section of the office to another. Sometimes something as basic as an ergonomically correct chair can help prevent ailments like back aches.


Good lighting can help people see details clearly and increased visibility can help increase productivity. But, this does not mean to say that you can skimp on lighting in the office because a 1983 study shows that poor lighting is connected to low production levels and social satisfaction among employees. Many offices are composed of cubicles to give employees privacy to do their work. However, the cubicle arrangement also blocks natural light, which means that some employees are not exposed to natural lighting during an entire work cycle.

Humans are wired to seek natural lighting. In fact, all office workers in Europe must have exposure to natural light. Employees who had the best views were the most productive and were most likely to describe themselves as healthy.


Acoustics is another key contributing factor to productivity. To achieve acoustic comfort, the office must have appropriate acoustic support that is conducive to interaction, confidentiality and concentrative work. If it is too noisy, workers will not be able to communicate with each other let alone concentrate.

Other Factors

Aside from these factors, employers should also provide workers with suitable ventilation, access to greenery and the gym to help encourage healthy lifestyle. Even something as basic as giving them access to increase or reduce temperature in the office can impact their productivity. Employers should also encourage employees to personalize their workstations so that employees are happier. Work space design should allow employees to socialize with each other easily while at the same time giving them access to views and privacy, so that they can work properly and productively.

Good lighting, comfortable furniture, pleasant color schemes, and access to views or natural lighting can help generate positive energy in the office and employee mood. 79% of UK based employees report that a good working environment is important to their sense of job satisfaction.

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Things To Think About Before Quitting Your Day Job




If you’re thinking about quitting your day job to go full time as a businessman or freelancer, there are many things you need to consider first. First of all, your job is like a security blanket. Letting go of it might sound adventurous at first, but it also comes with certain risks. Before you result to flipping a coin or removing the petals of a flower, here are some things you need to think about before taking the plunge.


Going into business or freelancing will give you flexibility for better life-work balance. Going to business for yourself will allow you to adjust your schedule so that you don’t feel like you’re chained to your desk the whole day. This is very beneficial, because you can work out your own schedule to fit your lifestyle. If you have children for example, you can be home when they are sick or when they’re home from school. Going into business or freelancing is also a good option for people who like to travel.


One of the many reasons why people stick to their day job is the health benefits. This is a big factor to consider should you decide to quit. Health, dental, and retirement benefits can be expensive to put up on your own. Before deciding to stop working, make sure that you can afford to pay for these on your freelancing or business income. Work up a number before you decide to see how many clients you need to sustain paying for insurance on your own. Knowing how much you need will also result in a smoother transition when you leave your job.

Nest Egg

It is also easier to leave your day job if you have your finances in order. If you’re not sure if you can afford it, try to figure out how much you need as an emergency fund to serve as a buffer. This isn’t strictly for emergencies like getting sick. This will serve as funding for daily expenses until your business becomes profitable. One of the best ways to figure this out is to write several business plans to flesh out your ideas. Not only will this allow you to strategize if plan A does not work, it also gives you an idea what you will do using different scenarios.

Your Job Is Failing You

Do you feel yourself stretched too thin or unfulfilled? This might be because your job is failing you and quitting might be the answer. A business or going freelance, on the other hand, will give you time to think about or try new ideas. It will be like breaking out of the 9-5 routine and going on an adventure on uncharted waters. If you feel trapped, quitting and starting a business might just be a good option for you.


You also need to ask yourself if you’re a self-starter. When you’re in charge of your own schedule, it might be tempting to get up later or to procrastinate starting something. When you don’t have a boss looking down your shoulder, you need to be a self-starter and self-motivator to get yourself going.

Deciding to quit your job to start a business or to go freelance full time is a big decision. Considering the above factors will help you decide if striking it out on your own is a good fit for you. It is also best to remember that you can find another job if it does not work out for you.

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Make The Most Out Of Meetings



productive meeting

Companies invest lots of time and energy to conduct business meetings. It can be frustrating if the meetings fail to bring the desired result. Meetings can be painfully boring and you may try to avoid it, but with proper steps, you can come out with a winning smile from the conference room.

Be prepared

You are invited to a meeting with a definite purpose. Be prepared to be an active participant in the discussions. Try to know the topic of discussion. Keep your notes ready. Plan how you want to execute your points. The more you do your homework, the more confident you feel about the proposed meeting.

Develop a plan and write a summary

Once you know what you want to accomplish in the meeting, you need to develop a plan to execute it. Write all the major points you want to communicate in the meeting on a paper. Avoid complex language. If you use lucid language, everyone can follow and understand you. If a written summary is ready in your hands, you feel more confident before entering the venue. Be prepared for the questions. Try to answer the questions patiently.


Try to build a network for yourself when you participate in meetings. Arrive early and have some time to get to know the people. Mingle with all the participants of the meeting with some casual conversations. Building a good working relationship with the people outside your team can help you progress in your career.

Smart use of time

It is very important to finish your presentation within the time limit. Do not stretch the duration of the meeting with an unending series of questions and answers. People may not encouragingly listen to you if you extend it too long. Participants should not feel that their time is wasted.

Participate and encourage participation

Most people do not find meetings engaging enough. They either play with their phones or whisper within themselves. You can impress everyone with your listening skills. Do not distract yourself from the discussions. Ask appropriate questions after each of the presentations at the meeting. When you present, try to maintain eye contact with the participants. Appreciate when they ask you good questions. You can add some variety in the stiff environment of the meeting by arranging some creative games in-between.

Learn from the past

If you have been to business meetings before, you already have a clue how to go on with your idea. Learn from the mistakes you made before. If this the first time you are participating in a meeting, get some information from your team or review the past presentations made by your seniors.

Time to shine

When you are invited to an important meeting, make the most of it. Do not be apprehensive. Take it as a chance to show your potential as an employee. Your seniors will appreciate your efforts when you prepare yourself hard for the event. When you participate actively in the discussions and ask intelligent questions, you get a chance to impress your colleagues.


Meetings are a part of the modern corporate world. You cannot afford to miss all the meetings. If you can prepare yourself well for the meeting, you feel more positive and confident.

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