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Misen Chef Knife Review by Owner’s Mag



An essential kitchen companion that every homeowner, chef, and wannabe cook should have is a chef’s knife. Chef’s knives can make cooking a little less tedious and a tad bit enjoyable with the right make and brand. While people are paying exorbitant prices for quality chef knives, they don’t know that one brand is right under their nose for half the price.

The Misen Chef Knife is the knife they never had. It’s an all-around companion that can replace all the other set knives in your kitchen because of its ergonomic design and efficient materials.

Quality Knife at Half the Price

Most of the chef’s knives in this quality would usually cost a minimum of $100. However, the fantastic thing about the Misen Chef Knife is that it offers a lesser price without compromising quality.


That’s because the company knows how much it costs to make a good and high-quality knife in reality. Nonetheless, due to the myriad of middlemen and retailers who want in on the profit, they jack up the prices, leaving consumers having to pay for expensive chef’s knives.

With the Misen Chef Knife, the company itself partners with the factories and sells the items directly to the customers. That’s why customers can enjoy the Misen Chef Knife at a meager cost of $65.

Misen Chef Knife: Features and Benefits

Having raised over $1 million on Kickstarter, the Misen Chef Knife is made with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Sourcing the best materials for seamless and hassle-free cooking, this knife comes with a perfection that is like no other. So what makes the Misen Chef Knife a better choice than other expensive chef’s knives? Let’s dive right into the features and benefits.

Elegant Design

The most notable feature once you set your eyes on the Misen Chef Knife is the luxurious and delicate design. However, there is nothing fragile about the power it brings to kitchen tables and chopping boards. From lithe tasks such as filleting and skinning fish to more robust tasks such as cutting up beef and hard root-crop vegetables, this knife delivers.

The subtle curvatures on the blade and the sturdy handle complement each other. Overall, the Misen Chef Knife looks and feels expensive, but it doesn’t hurt your pocket.

Superior Japanese AICHI Steel

The Misen Chef Knife comes in a premium AICHI AUS-8 Japanese steel that makes holding, cutting, slicing, chopping, and more so natural. The sturdy Japanese material is perfect for chefs and the chefs at heart that want fast and exact cutting precision.

“Pinch Grip” Sloped Bolster

The Misen Chef Knife was made with a tilted bolster. The slope that enables a “pinch grip” system makes using the knife comfortable and controllable. The slope is evident on the beautiful blade face, which also comes from a mix of the power and masculinity of Western knives and the class and adeptness of Japanese knives.

Overall, this sloped bolster allows for various cutting methods in the kitchen. Whether you’re slicing a bunch of potatoes, rock-chopping onions, or filleting fish, you can be sure the Misen Chef Knife does every technique with grace and efficiency.

Sharper Blade Angles

While other blades, especially those in the West, typically have 25-degree angles, the Misen Chef Knife’s blade angles are only at 15 degrees. This is a technique adopted in crafting this masterpiece, so the chef’s knife’s blade has a sharper look. However, it’s not just the look that’s commendable. These blades are also razor-sharp blades built for any cutting techniques.

Of course, the sharpness of the blades doesn’t last. This is the general truth about any knife. That’s why, when purchasing the Misen chef’s knife, customers will also get a lifetime sharpening. Misen’s professional sharpeners will have your Misen Chef Knives sharpened in their initial state — just like how you used it the first time.

Confidence in Affordability and Elegance

The company is confident that its customers will love the Misen Chef Knife the moment they touch, feel, and cut anything with it. However, the customers will still get these offers when buying the chef’s knife:

60-Day Trial Period. Although 96 percent of its customers usually keep the knives, they still want them to try to take it with a grain of salt. If they’re not happy, they can return it and get a refund.
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If for some reason, customers drop or chip the knives, the company will replace the knife with a brand new one with no questions asked.
Hassle-Free Returns. If customers receive a defective knife or any other reason that might make them want to choose another stock, the company covers the return shipping expenses to keep customers satisfied.

Wrap Up

If you’ve been looking for the best kitchen companion all your life, there’s no need to look any further. The company is all for keeping their customers happy while providing honest trade that benefits both parties. With the Misen Chef Knife, you get convenience, efficiency, and beauty at a fair price.

Kayla Matthews is a tech journalist and writer whose work has been featured on The Week, VICE and MakeUseOf. Read more posts by Kayla on

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Secrets to Getting Consistent Sales For Your Startup



getting consistent sales

No matter what industry you’re in, sales is your oxygen.  Without consistent sales, most startups simply can’t function. Unfortunately most startup companies don’t invest enough in their sales process until it’s too late. Here are the strategies successful startups have adopted to consistently meet their sales goals.

Building a Stronger Network

Consistent sales doesn’t happen automatically.  For larger accounts, it’s often best to start with referrals and be introduced organically to your prospect instead of cold calling.  And having a well connected network of friends and peers willing to help support you is the key to getting more organic referrals.  Meeting someone and getting their business card is easy. Maintaining your relationship and keeping yourself relevant is the real challenge. If you’re not already using LinkedIn, now’s a good time to start.

Focusing on Weekly Results

Without setting weekly goals, your team may believe staying busy and filling their calendar translates to sales success. Unfortunately activity doesn’t convert into sales unless it’s focused. Get into the habit of setting achievable weekly goals for your team. Weekly goals provide your team a compass to follow and keeps their attention laser focused on just a few important items. Try to make your goals specific, realistic, and achievable. Ambitious vague goals are often demoralizing instead of empowering.

Do The Unnatural/Uncomfortable

It’s our natural tendency to avoiding people and things that make us uncomfortable. Success is usually found outside our comfort zone, not within it’s confined walls. Having the courage to withstand natural discomfort will allow your team to reach more daring goals and achieve results outside their normal capabilities. Get your team into the habit of doing ONE thing each day that they’re normally uncomfortable with.  Just make sure they’re staying well within the confines of your state and federal laws.

Under-promise Over Deliver

No one likes to be lied to.  And no one likes to be promised something and have it delivered sub-par.  It’s often easy to over promise a customer just to get the sales in and be overly enthusiastic about it.  Be honest with your customer and lay out all the unknowns and what they’re REALLY going to get.  They will trust you more and can feel your sincerity.  Now after that’s done, make sure your team over deliver.  Your client will be 10x happier and be more likely to refer you.

Ask Directly

Ask your client “Are you ready to begin today?  I can have the paperwork ready in 30 mins”.  Don’t be shy or give your client too much time to think over everything.  It may be uncomfortable at first, but asking directly can help you seal the majority of deals that otherwise would’ve been lost. Even the most secure and sure deals can often fall in between the cracks if we missed the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.

Any startup can learn and adopt many of the strategies above. Despite their simplicity and low financial investment, the strategies above have only yielded success when they’re consistently followed and built into the work culture. As with any sales or marketing strategies, consistency is key to achieving desirable results.

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7 Known Brands that Bootstrapped to Success



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Today’s entrepreneurs have a misconception that in order to succeed, you need outside money, and you need others to validate and invest in your idea. Below are 5 major companies to prove that theory wrong. You’ll probably recognize these 5 successes below and you’ll be more impressed with the fact that they didn’t receive any funding to become successful.


Sarah Blakely started her $400M company with about $5000 in her bank. At the mere age of 27, the wild idea of her new to be found startup came while she was getting dressed for a party. At the time, she even researched and wrote the patent herself in order to save money on hiring an attorney. Fast forward to 2016, her company reportedly worth $400 million and she owns 100% of her company.

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Moose Knuckles Stirling Parka Review



The popular Canadian outerwear brand Moose Knuckles is continuing to expand its name across the nation and into America. Moose Knuckles is a relatively new brand founded in 2009 by Will Poho and Mark Peros. Most of its manufacturing is done in Winnipeg. The brand is dominating the winter fashion scene through bomber jackets and parkas. Moose Knuckles are created from quality materials and are sweatshop free. The company also uses Canadian-origin gray duck down and farmed fox fur from Finland in order to ensure the materials are able to combat Canada’s harsh winters. Here is the Moose Knuckles Stirling Parka review:

How It Looks

Model posing with Moose Knuckles Stirling Red Parka

“Wearing a Moose Knuckles Stirling is like driving a red Ferrari. You will be noticed.” 

The Stirling comes in at least 9 different shades of color. We reviewed the red model with black fur trim. Photos on the website convinced me the garment will provide a cinched waist, however I didn’t feel restricted. The fur trim and goose down insulation allows you to be all bundled up and warm. Noticeably, the jacket has a Moose Knuckles signature metal detail on the upper arm of the garment. The signature catches the eyes in an instant, due to its unique look and new brand.

The pom-poms add a nice touch to the parka, adding a more feminine touch to the style. The double stitched durable canvas, luxurious fur, YKK zippers, and soft interior lining came together wonderfully upon putting it on for the first time. It was heavier than I thought, but the fitting was perfect. It was comfortable to wear and provided a more urban and versatile look. I took the Stirling out on a 9 degree day to see how it holds up. Wearing just a t-shirt inside, I never once felt the cold. Walking the streets of Philadelphia where every other person is wearing a Canada Goose or Montcler, I stood out like a sore thumb as people are trying to figure out what brand I’m wearing. A couple of girls even stopped and asked me what brand it is and where I purchased it. Wearing a Moose Knuckles Stirling is like driving a red Ferrari. You will be noticed.


Moose Knuckles Logo on Red Stirling Parka

Moose Knuckles is ranked as the top parka brand for having the highest thermal insulation value. The Moose Knuckles parka came out with the result of a thermal insulation value of 2.11 clo. Thermal Insulation is the measure of resistance to dry heat transfer from a heated thermal manikin to a more cool environment. Thermal insulation is used to prevent excessive heat loss, which is the entire framework of an effective jacket. Moose Knuckles provide an amazing dependability on warmth and comfort due to their thermal insulation value. And wearing the Stirling for an entire day in single-digit weather, I can confidently say their research paid off.


Stirling hood comparison

In addition to looking fabulous and keeping you warm the Stirling also comes equipped with features to appreciate. Most of which you’ll have to see in person or experience first hand to appreciate.

Form fitting

This matters a lot to women and young girls. The Stirling looks great and even though it’s fitting, it doesn’t feel restricting.

Spacious hood

The fur lined hood is cavernous but fits comfortable thanks to adjustable straps on the back.

Quality fox trim fur

Moose Knuckles didn’t cheap out on the fur. You will get plenty of high quality fur with the Stirling. Some parka offers low-grade synthetic fur purely for aesthetics. The fur on the Stirling is genuine, feels incredibly soft to the touch, and doesn’t shed like many other brands.

Durable & Water resistant

The canvas material combined with double stitching are durable and made to last. It’s also water resistant!

Quality zipper

The front zipper is heavy gauge YKK zippers and won’t break on you anytime soon.

Plenty of pockets

Girls will understand the excitement of having pockets in just about anything. Four pockets on the outside and two on the inside of the jacket.


The Verdict

Many brands fail to understand what quality means in a jacket. Winters in Canada are harsh, it’s windy, cold, and downright undesirable. Comfort and style is a rare combination when you’re trying to make a parka that can withstand Canada winters. The Moose Knuckles Stirling parka is able to give you the swag look and still keep you toasty warm. Despite having plenty to love, we managed to find a few flaws.


  • You look unquestionably rich
  • Fashionable
  • Attention to detail styling
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Warm. Sourced from Canadian-origin gray duck
  • Quality fox fur from Finland
  • Durable construction that will last
  • Value doesn’t depreciate as much


  • Heavy when compared to similar parkas
  • Canvas material despite being durable, can feel rigid
  • Outside breast pockets are too small

If you’re looking for something discreet and low-key, look elsewhere. Moose Knuckles never intended the Stirling to be subtle. Make no mistake, you will stand out. For those living in harsh, cold conditions, investing in a reliable winter outer garment is a must. We highly recommend the Moose Knuckles Stirling because it’s incredibly well made, warm without the bulk, fashionable, and will likely be the last winter coat you’ll ever buy.

At $950, it’s certainly not cheap but you get more than what you pay for. Despite being the new kid on the block, Moose Knuckles’ unique line of products rival Canada Goose and Montcler in terms of quality, value, and appeal. The next time you’re out shopping for a winter coat, put Moose Knuckles near the top of your list.

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