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Owner’s Mag: Even H4 Headphones



Just like our eyes, our ears also have their idiosyncrasies. We’ve probably had our eardrums damaged at one point in our lives, but don’t realize it — yet. Rock concerts, full blast music on our headphones, loud train sounds, or any other destructive and unpleasant sounds we’ve ever encountered will take their toll on our ears. This is because any loud noise can cause devastation on our cochlear membranes and cells due to overworking. When this happens, the cells die, causing damage to our hearing.

While we may not notice the impact, this occurrence can make listening to music vary from one individual to another. No matter how expensive your headphone is, how efficient the bass is, or how advanced the features are, our listening will still be different with defective ears.

I, for one, consider music as my go-to stress-reliever and would delight in it daily. And I also hadn’t missed a single punk concert when I was younger. That’s why I’m always constantly in search of the perfect headphones that would cater to my hearing “uniqueness.”

When I heard about the Even H4 Headphones, I finally decided to scrutinize every detail that makes this product so popular. And here are the most notable features that you can’t find in other headphones!

EarPrint Technology

EarPrint Technology is the flagship feature in EVEN headphones. It’s a built-in feature that allows perfect adjustments on every person’s hearing capabilities. The genius behind this brilliant innovation is Danny Aronson. He is a musician who’s also had his ears damaged due to years of performing. While he also had the same deterioration in his eyes, he thought of why earphones can’t adapt to someone’s hearing just like your eyeglasses.

That’s when he created the EarPrint Technology, which is touted as the “glasses for your ears.”

Our ears typically have various frequencies that define how we listen to music or sound. Even H4 Headphones with EarPrint Technology does more than just let listeners enjoy high-quality audio. It sets up a personalized hearing for every listener by measuring your listening reaction via eight varied frequencies. This innovation doesn’t only measure both ears in general, but since each ear reacts differently, the EarPrint Technology adapts to the different frequencies per ear.

And all this syncing and fine-tuning only takes approximately 90 seconds! Every time users wear Even H4 Headphones, they sync with your ears in real-time. That means as time goes when your ears also deteriorate, the Even H4 Headphones also continually compensates to adjust to your ear performance. In fact, just like glasses that need adjustment over time depending on eyesight ability, your Even H4 Headphones can be used as a gauge for your ears’ conditions.

Over-Ear Style with PU Leather

When choosing the perfect headphones, comfort is of the essence. We want to have a companion that can offer us listening pleasure and comfort anytime. Even H4 Headphones is an over-ear type of headphones that boasts of thick and soft headbands. It also has oversized cups that can completely envelop your ears for a more exclusive listening that filters out a cacophony of noises.

Compared to other types such as earbuds, in-ear, or on-ear headphones, these do not provide the same amount of seal that over-ear headphones have. Some of them might not even perfectly fit the right ear size, hence, bringing forth discomfort and sometimes, pain when listening for extended hours. The over-ear design is relatively the most convenient design that offers maximum comfort to users who don’t mind a large headphone size.

Lithium-Ion for 20 Hours of Uninterrupted Listening

There’s a reason why the battery used in Even H4 Headphones is a Lithium-Ion battery. This type of battery is suitable for portable gadgets as it’s relatively more long-lasting compared to traditional batteries. Also, it has a more superior power density which lengthens its life span. Plus, it also charges faster than conventional batteries. Another reason why the Lithium-Ion battery is fit for portable gadgets is its lightweight composition. That said, Even H4 Headphones only weighs 300 grams (10.6 oz).

Downloadable Even EarPrint App for Apple and Android

When you get the Even H4 Headphones, you can download the Even EarPrint App on your Apple or Android mobile phone for free. With this app, you can set up different listening frequencies or adaptations for different users. This app also saves how every individual’s ears are functioning over time so that you can use this app as a monitoring device for any hearing deterioration. The app also comes with voice over notifications and an automatic sleep downtime.


Without a doubt, Even H4 Headphones is a suitable listening device for you if you want comfort, have a hearing deficiency, want to get maximum quality audio from a headphone, and don’t mind the bulky size. For $149.99, a one-year warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, this headphone with EarPrint Technology is one you should always keep with you wherever and whenever.

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How To Approach A Disagreement



How to Handle a Disagreement

Disagreements are a part of life. We disagree with family, friends, coworkers, and even superiors on a number of different things. In fact, disagreements are so common it is probably rare for a person to have never disagreed with anybody. Whenever they happen, it can cause friction or awkwardness. However, if you know how to handle disagreements properly, it can result in positive gains and better relationships. Here are some tips on how to approach disagreements.

Don’t Take It Personally

Do not involve yourself personally in the position, so you won’t have a hard time separating yourself from it. Try to view your position as “a position” rather than “my position”. The book The Psychology of Computer Programming, we see author Gerald Weinberg’s concept of “egoless programming”. His concept is of a team of programmers checking the work of technical programmers for errors. He discovered that the less defensive a programmer feels about his code, the more productive a review process is. A programmer who separates himself from his work has a smoother review and does not feel that the discovered errors are a personal attack against him.

Always Remain Professional

Many of us have heard about the adage “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. If you are having a disagreement with somebody, make sure that it is because of certain issues and not because of the person. When in the office, treat everybody – even those with those whom you disagree – with respect and professionalism. Respecting others and remaining professional will earn you the respect of your peers.


Many disagreements can be avoided if we listen carefully. Avoid interrupting the speaker so when it’s your time to react, you can provide the appropriate response. If you need to interrupt because the speaker is long winded, summarize what you have understood so far before asking questions or telling them to continue. Remember that people express themselves in different ways. If you don’t listen carefully or interrupt often, you might find yourself reacting not to what the person said, but to what you thought he said.

Use Lower Voice

Shouting stirs up more anger. During a disagreement, it is best to lower your voice instead. Lowering your voice has 3 advantages. First, it reduces any tension. Second, it forces the other person to listen, and lastly has a psychological advantage because of its unexpected nature.

Watch What You Say

Once a word leaves your mouth, there is no way to take it back. As stated above, harsh words stir anger. What you say can fuel disagreements and even make them something bigger. Instead of responding immediately, count from 1 to 10 before opening your mouth to defuse your feelings. It will also give you time to compose yourself and think of a calmer response to the issue.

Once a disagreement has been settled, it should be water under the bridge. Do not keep score of disagreements. Dwelling in the past can lead to grudges between the other person and impact your relationship negatively. Learn from the disagreement and move on.

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Interview With Interior Designer Taylor Spellman, Host Of “Yours, Mine Or Ours”



taylor spellman

taylor spellmanTransforming from dancer to interior designer, Taylor Spellman is as creative as they come. Taylor is a recognized interior designer and staging expert in New York with a portfolio of multi-million dollar clientele, including Ryan Serhant of BRAVO’s “Million Dollar Listing.” Her unique style of mixing high end with treasures from Goodwill has earned her a position as host of BRAVO series “Yours, Mine Or Ours” alongside real estate agent Reza Farahan. Her firm TSNY handles 30 million dollar’s worth  of real estate daily. Because of this, Taylor Spellman manages the best team possible including Vice President, Lana Ataman, and Lead Designer, Jacqueline Leung.

Taylor Spellman works with finesse. Her sense of humor and bright personality shines through in her work and as a host for “Yours, Mine Or Ours.” She takes care of her clients by personally taking the time to learn about their lifestyle and how interior design can elevate their lives. During the design process, she gets deep into the nitty gritty, overseeing each stage until completion. Her Instagram and Twitter is flooded with pictures of her projects and bits of advice for aspiring interior designers. Taylor Spellman talks to Owner’s Mag about TSNY, design strategy, and being the host of “Million Dollar Listing”.


How did you build a business around interior design?

I built a business around interior design by capitalizing on a niche in the market. When I started, no one was doing interior design just for bachelors. I felt strongly that it was strongly due to the fact that there wasn’t a service being offered versus there being a need for it. I became known as doing interior design for men, and that gave me a competitive edge and people found out about me quicker, and ultimately word of mouth lead to more clients and a full blown firm.

What are some key factors you think about when designing a room?

  1. How does this person really live?
  2. How do you maximize the functionality of the space?
  3. How do I bring my client’s personality into the space to make it reflect who they are and make them feel very much at home?

When do you consider a room “done”?

Accessorizing. People often lay the groundwork but then stop after they have their coffee table, rug, and couch… but a layer of décor delivers the personal touch that make the home feel like you.

What is your average day to day like?

I would love to tell you that I get up and do yoga and relax, but in reality I hop up, get the biggest coffee possible and get going. It is a beautiful and hectic madness. I like to spend the majority of my day on-site with my clients and projects. Sometimes I’ll be in a client’s living room painting custom artwork, sometimes I’ll be running around coordinating contractors and electricians to make sure everything is on point. I am extremely detail oriented so every single piece of the puzzle matters to me.

How has hosting a hit TV show influenced your lifestyle?

It’s been interesting because I’ve been very hard at work for the past ten years, hustling, and trying to make a name for myself. And this show has definitely shifted things over the hill. Needless to say, I don’t know that I’ll ever get over getting recognized. That is something that will always be crazy to me.

What do you look for in a team?

First and foremost I think about work ethic. Is this person willing to work really hard and put in the hours, and be dedicated? Second I think about one’s ability to think outside the box. Interior design and staging change by the second, and there’s really no formula, so I need my team to be able to really think on their feet. And that’s easier said than done.

What was the biggest challenge since starting your business?

My number one challenge has definitely been to ‘stay the course’. There are so many things that come up that really make you truly believe you’re on the wrong path, but if you have enough conviction, dedication and talent, then you just need to remember to stay on track and you will find success.

What is your favorite moment of 2016?

Watching the first episode of ‘Yours, Mine or Ours’ air. It was a very full circle moment for me, getting to see the fruit of my work come alive in a completely different format.

What are some tips you can give to aspiring interior designers?

Figure out what your unique selling point is. Is it your style, your personality? Is it your ability to make clients feel comfortable enough to use their own aesthetic in the place? Figure out what makes YOU unique and run like hell with it. Never stop.

taylor spellman

87 Leonard Street

taylor spellman

87 Leonard Street

taylor spellman

87 Leonard Street

taylor spellman


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6 Books That Will Change Your Life



Man reading how to win friends and influence people at park

Whether you’re going through a transition in life, starting a new career, ending a career, or simply looking for ways to improve yourself, there’s likely a book for that. But today there are thousands upon thousands of self-help books from qualified authors to choose from, which ones do you pick? We’ve curated a list of some of the best self-help books for you to check out.

Think And Grow Rich

This comes as no surprise to anyone. Think And Grow Rich is one of the best self-help book ever written. To date, it’s helped hundreds of millions of people discover themselves. The book is a practical guide that outlines some fundamental laws that govern success and has been released internationally in just about every language.

Buy it here

How To Win Friends And Influence People

Dale Carnegie’s work was released in 1936, but it still remains a popular choice nowadays. The advice and practical tips suggested applies today as much as it did when it was originally published. To date, it’s sold more than 15 million copies and can be found on the shelves of many executives.

Buy it here

The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People

Originally published in 1989, Steven R. Covey’s work became an instant bestseller and today still can be found in every Barnes & Noble. It’s been reprinted and sold over 25 million copies in over 40 languages. The book provides valuable knowledge on how to be a more effective you whether at work or in your personal life.

Buy it here

The Road Less Traveled

Over 7 million copies sold in it’s most recent print, translated in over 23 different languages, and being on the New York’s Best Seller’s list for over 10 years, this is a rare gem you don’t want to miss out on. Dr. Peck’s teaches his reader how to live a full and complete life, how to differentiate dependency from love, and how to find your true self.

Buy it here

The 5 Love Languages

Who knew there were 5 different languages of love? Dr. Gary Chapman did and his work has helped millions of people all over the world to renew their intimacy, learn how to love, and most importantly – learn how to receive love better. Beyond simply helping with personal relationships, learning the 5 love languages will also give readers better insights into dealing with people both at work and at home.

Buy it here

The Art Of Happiness

Who’s more qualified to write a book about happiness than the Dalai Lama? Despite the great loss his country and he personally have suffered, the Dalai Lama remains positive and enthusiastic whenever you see him. Those who have been fortunate enough to be in his presence reported feeling lighter and even happier within just a few short moments. Coauthoring with Dr. Howard C. Cutler, The Art Of Happiness is a book that will arm you with the knowledge and tools to overcome everyday challenges and discover a better version of you – one that is happier and more fulfilled.

Buy it here

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