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Exercise To Relieve Stress With Sensoria




Sensoria is the perfect usage for both exercising and monitoring. The technology infused fashion garment is the solution to how we should be exercising in the future. With a heart rate monitor that will advise you on your current heart rate for that exercise, to an AI coach that will guide you through your foot landing techniques, Sensoria has made it easier for us to exercise. Products like Sensoria wearables are promoting the movement on more exercise.

Overworking is harmful, yet, we can’t seem to escape this habit. Our jobs are destined to result in chronic stress. We apply more hours due to ambition or a sense of duty. This strengthens productivity, however, can result in poor health. Whether it is desk work, talking to clients, or answering emails, stress can appear in any situation. Luckily, there is a natural remedy to reduce your stress level. From simple exercise, you can maintain good mental health. Your physical activity can have a positive effect on your mood by relieving all sorts of negative tension. Unknowingly, when stressed, your body tenses up in preparation of the physiological responses, fight or flight. By exercising, the activity relaxes the muscles for you. Additionally, due to a raise in heart rate, you can reverse damages to the brain that are caused by stress. These brain related stress symptoms are projects that go unnoticed. The most known features though, stems from memory loss and depression. These are traits that can damage your career if go untreated. The fastest and long-lasting solution is through excessive physical activity.

Yet, ambitious workers refuse to believe stress does any harm. Ever since occupational stress has been identified as a ‘global epidemic’ by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization, the economic consequences deepens. Work related stress costs U.S. employers an estimated $200 billion per year in lower productivity, staff turnover, work compensation, and other stress-related expenses. Sources of stress may vary, stressful events that are related to the workplace are behind the business readjustments, altered responsibilities, and many more. Considering stress management to be businesses’ most important challenge of the 21st century. Due to that, mass production of remedies are undergo to reduce stress levels. In the rise of workout plans or even tech wearables, they are all in support for exercise as they see the huge benefit in it.

With Sensoria, the wearables are uniquely attached to a heart rate monitor that is already registered to the Sensoria Run App. The iOS device features Mara, an AI coach who provides feedback to help you follow a training plan, as well as improve form and performance. Most importantly though, their task is to reduce the risk of injuries. The HRM is there for support, for excellent and even inexperienced athletes, however you identify yourself. The exercise would be useless if you aren’t doing the workouts correctly. Feedback from HRM can keep you notified on the type of exercises you’re doing to help reach your goal. Measuring the work-rate of your heart is the most accurate method of determining how much you’re benefiting from your workout. For inexperienced athletes, HRMs can help prevent you from pushing too hard all at once. Without awareness, you will burn yourself out for several days from overtraining. Exercise has its fallbacks, so by becoming self-aware, the safe route out will benefit your health drastically.

This experience can be for both men and women. The heart rate monitor is adjustable on all upper garments of Sensoria wearables. Colors are offered in red, black, and  Sensoria allows everyone to get involved in the revolutionary wear by allowing the computer-like garment to be breathable. Though it is a tech wear, it’s still open to be machine washable once the heart rate monitor is removed.


The most rewarded product is not for their heart rate monitor, but within their new goods. In their new feature of the smart sock, the product has won numerous awards that indicates, ‘Best New Wearable Technology Device’ by IDTechEX and Cool Vendors in Wearable Electronics, 2014 by Gartner. Standing out from the other Sensoria wears, your virtual coach gives audio and video real-time feedback when you pair your bluetooth enabled anklet with the Sensoria Run app. Their role is to help improve your running form by measuring cadence, impact forces, and foot landing. With the additional AI coaching and dashboard tracking on the app. You can track what you’re doing wrong in order to improve, since the technology is dedicated to monitoring your footsteps. The socks produce a wealth of feedback with your pace, speed, and uniquely, your foot landing

Studies have shown that self-esteem increases once exercise becomes a regular task. This benefit can be shown through various situations, especially the workplace. Confidence can define a people’s character. It takes simple exercise to see all different kinds of changes, whether it’s internally or externally. Stress has to be dealt with in order to grow, so products like Sensoria are built to achieve that.



What Entrepreneurs Do On Their Day Off




What do Entrepreneurs do when they’re not working? When you think about your weekends, you think about waking up late, meeting friends and spending hours before the TV watching movies and sports. However, entrepreneurs are different and have their unique ways of making the weekend productive. They strive for success and are always willing to walk an extra mile for the benefit of their business. So, if you want to be in their league, follow their industrious way of life. Here are things successful entrepreneurs do to balance their leisure and work:

They do not break their routine

No day is off is the mantra for successful entrepreneurs. The average people follow a routine only on weekdays, but those striving to rise high never slack their routine. They continue to be productive and efficient even on weekends. They rise early, go for a run, eat a healthy breakfast, and read all the important business news. Savvy entrepreneurs know that time is money. So, if they waste their valuable time by lazing around, they eventually lose out good opportunities.

Stay up-to-date with the news

Reading the newspaper or keeping an eye on news channels on TV, keep the entrepreneurs updated about the latest happenings of the world. When the CEOs remain updated about the world economy, the positive impact is reflected in the decisions made by him for the greater benefit of the company.

Pursue a healthy hobby

Leisure time is precious for successful executives. They pursue creativity to maintain a healthy mind. Writing a biography, a salsa session with their spouse, enrolling for baking classes, tinkering old cars, or pottery relieve them from all work-related stress and offer them a fresh perspective on life. Pursuing a healthy hobby is always beneficial, because it boosts your patience and innovative thoughts.

Socialize and network

Recreation and networking go hand-in-hand for the immensely successful people. They schedule some of the important business appointments at tennis courts or golf clubs. Sometimes they also catch up with their overseas clients over weekend brunches. The successful entrepreneurs also try to catch up with influential people from different fields. They always seek to grow their connections and grab every opportunity to forward their purpose. They try to finish an extra project by meeting colleagues over coffee. But before you go out and hit up your Networking game, make sure to read this article to learn how to get yourself noticed at an event.

Relax and Rejuvenate

A healthy body is a home for a healthy and productive mind. Working 24/7 cannot bring out the best from the mind, so everyone needs to wind up and relax for some time. Entrepreneurs also understand the importance of a relaxed mind and body. On the days when the entrepreneurs are not working, they try to interact with friends and family. Healthy and happy personal relationships are vital for mental peace. They dedicate their much-earned break to meditation, yoga, and refreshing pool sessions. Check out this article for some 8 ways to beat stress.

Prepare for the week ahead

Successful entrepreneurs are not perturbed by the Monday blues. They properly chalk out their week before that dreadful Monday arrives. They take out a couple of hours from their weekend to look at their upcoming meetings and appointments. The better people organize their tasks, the more successful they are.

To reach the pinnacle of success, entrepreneurs work 24/7, but it is also important to balance work with life. They too need to disengage themselves from business for a short while to come back refreshed to work more efficiently.

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Habits Of A Successful Entrepreneur



entrepreneur successful

Every entrepreneur is different, and there is no fixed rule to survive in the world of business. Entrepreneurs need to survive unprecedented challenges to achieve success. Entrepreneurs can transform themselves into a new person by adopting strict discipline and a willingness to turn every defeat into success.

Positive attitude

The determination and the positive attitude of the entrepreneur are pillars of long-term success. Whether you head a startup or an established enterprise, unprecedented challenges crop up from time to time. There can be significant financial difficulties too, but the entrepreneur should not give up.

Learn from mistakes

Every founder can face a major setback while taking risks for the troupe. He should admit the mistakes and take responsibility for the losses. After a setback, the entrepreneur should not give up and must learn from the mistakes. It is his responsibility to initiate correction strategy and try to put everything in order.

Measure your progress

It is very important to set some achievable goals for the company. The proprietor should keep track of these short-term and long-term goals regularly. The entrepreneur should also invest some quality time in studying the evolution of other similar businesses. If the business is going on the right track, you should implement other improvement plans accordingly. Remember, beating the competition is vital to becoming the market leader.

Plan your day

An entrepreneur has to focus on every aspect of his business and it is very common to miss out something vital and then regret later. Hence, it is important to plan your day in advance. An entrepreneur may have several interviews, meetings, engagements and other important tasks planned in a work day and it can get really hectic. However, you should also attempt to maintain some flexibility and keep some time aside to address urgent issues.

Effective networking skills

To attain success as an entrepreneur, one needs to be a great communicator. Networking is one of the least expensive ways to get your company noticed. Meet experts and gain knowledge about the latest trends in the industry you operate. As you meet other businesspersons, you can also find some apt solutions to the problems faced in your business. Attend networking events and speak about the goals and ambitions of your company.

Acquire and manage talent

Running a venture successfully is not a one-man show. You need to hire people who will contribute to the growth of your firm. When you hire people for your start-up, their collective goals, experience, and knowledge boost up the performance of the company. It’s also vital to retain the best talent and reward and recognize contributions.

Work harder and longer

Successful entrepreneurs are extremely focused and very composed to take the pressure. They have a vision and are known to tirelessly work to achieve success. They are always willing to learn and walk a step further for the growth of the company. So, the lifestyle of an entrepreneur should complement this demand. He must always be ready to accept challenges. As he is the flag-bearer of his company, he should keep track of all the departments of the business.

Investors always observe the knowledge and capability of the entrepreneur before they invest. The hunger for success and the willingness to grow continuously are the necessary qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

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Healthy Holiday Foods



meals holidays

We love the holidays but it can tear your willpower and diet to shreds. Temptation is everywhere and calories can add up causing you to gain weight during the holiday season. But, don’t let the potential weight gain curb merriment. There are actually healthy foods hiding behind those calorie bombs. Here are some foods that are good for you and foods you will want to avoid during this holiday season.

Eat: Sweet Potatoes

They taste like French fries but without the fat. The sweet in the potato comes from an enzyme that converts the starch into sugar as it matures. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. We love sweet potatoes because aside from being healthy they also taste like dessert since it gets sweeter the longer it is stored or when it is cooked. Sweet potatoes are a good addition to your holiday meal. Cut into fries and bake in the oven for a healthy version of French Fries. You can also search the web for healthy recipes for sweet potato casserole.

Avoid: Eggnog

Did you know that an 8 ounce serving of eggnog has over 250 calories and 5g of saturated fat? Instead of eggnog, sip a glass of red wine.

Eat: Cranberries

According to legend, Native Americans shared cranberries with Pilgrims during the first Thanksgiving. There is evidence that the Native Americans were aware of the health benefits of eating cranberries, and they are right. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and potassium. As a bonus, they also contain unique compounds and antibacterial properties that can help prevent urinary tract infection.

Avoid: Dips

Dips are delicious but double as calorie bombs. Some dips like spinach dip sounds healthy, but some recipes call for massive amounts of cheese. Aside from being calorie-rich, dips also contain saturated fat and sodium. Choose salsa and hummus in lieu of dip.

Eat: Cocoa

Chocoholics rejoice! Cocoa in moderation is a healthy treat. Studies show that eating a small amount of chocolate (around 30g) can help lower systolic blood pressure which in turn can lower your risk of stroke and heart disease. Choose dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa solids. These contain the higher levels of antioxidants and flavonoids that are responsible for health benefits.

Avoid: Creamy Soup

Soup that use heavy milk or whole cream as a base are artery clogging and rich in saturated fat. Stick to broth-based soup instead.

Eat: Turkey

Turkey contains high quality protein that triggers satiety. The earlier you feel full, the less food you are going to eat. Turkey – white or dark meat – is one of the lowest calorie holiday foods you can eat. A 3 ounce serving of skinless turkey breast is around 120 calories and 1 gram fat. Make sure to trim off the skin before eating because that’s where the fat is lurking.

Avoid: Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes in their natural state are rich in vitamin c, potassium and other nutrients. However, when you add butter, milk, and salt, mashed potatoes becomes an unhealthy calorie bomb. If you really want mashed potatoes, make a light version that uses a small amount of a buttery cream cheese.

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