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Top 10 Gaming Headphones That Are Hot Right Now




Esports have become a billion-dollar industry right now. And many big companies are using this niche to promote their products through top-performing eSports players and teams. This includes gaming headset manufacturing companies. Whether you’re a neophyte or a professional gamer, here are the top 10 gaming headphones you might want to check out. 

1. Steelseries

colored gaming keyboard

Steelseries has been innovating gaming headsets for over twenty years to improve gaming performance. Hailing from Denmark, Steelseries has been one of the pioneers of eSports products since 2001. The company invented the first gaming mousepad and high-resolution audio system, making their headphones top-of-the-line. 

The Steelseries Arctis gaming headphones are designed to keep players comfortable and focused throughout games. It offers performance fabric ear cushions, keeping your ears cool while you play all day. The steel-reinforced adjustable headband locks in a true surround sound gaming experience. Finally, the Arctis models produce an audiophile-grade sound that ensures clear communication with teammates. 

Price range: $69.99 to $379.99

2. Corsair

Founded in 1994, Corsair is a leading state-of-the-art technology and gear manufacturer for content creators, PC enthusiasts, and gamers. The company also offers esports coaching services and premium streaming equipment on top of high-quality gaming headphones. Corsair is proud to sponsor the top eSports talents who want to pull off the impossible using their high-performance gear. With plush comfort and exceptional sound, the Corsair gaming headsets offer advanced audio sound customization compatible with consoles, Mac, and PC.

The Virtuoso Pro offers many features that professional gamers will enjoy. It has incredible true-to-life audio with open-back ear cups. It also dons a lightweight aluminum-reinforced design that exudes an elegant and stylish appearance. The ear cups are also cushioned with memory foam for long streams and playthroughs.

Price range: $99.99 to $199.99

3. Audeze

Audeze is one of the top American award-winning brands that makes the world’s most advanced audio systems. The company comprises Grammy-winning audiophiles, engineers, medical facilities, and top eSports athletes. Audeze’s engineering team has worked tirelessly to craft the best-sounding gaming headphones for over a decade. Audeze takes pride in its best headphone feature—the attached earpads. 

The company has tried different ways to attach earpads to their best-selling headphones. They use adhesives to connect these earpads to Audeze’s best-selling upper-end headphones. 

Price range: $299 to $899

4. Razer

Razer isn’t only known for its high-performance gaming laptops with the best software platform, but the company also boasts high-quality gaming headphones. Founded in 2005, Razer now has 19 offices worldwide and is recognized as the best brand for gamers in Europe, China, and America. 

Razer is well-known for its gaming headset with Hybrid ANC technology. The THX achromatic audio amplifier is the best headset for exceptional sound. Plus, Razer prides itself on its SmartSwitch Dual Wireless, which makes streaming and playthroughs efficient. 

Price range: $49.99 to $249.99

5. Creative

Creative spearheads the top categories in the gaming industry, especially with its Sound BlasterAxx audio enhancement technology. On top of these gaming headphones, Creative sells highly acclaimed modular wireless speakers and gaming-related gear. Their Super X-Fi USB-C gaming headset with Bluetooth is Creative’s best invention to date. 

The Super X-Fi garnered 23 ‘Best of CES” awards within two years since 2019. It delivers high-definition holographic audio, making it feel like your headset has a high-end multi-speaker setup. This model also customizes your sound profile based on your ear and head anthropometry. 

Price range: $19.99 to $99.99

6. HyperX


HyperX is known for its award-winning gaming products. From keyboards, mice, and consoles to mousepads and headsets, they’ve been honing their craft for years. The company consistently delivers products with optimum performance, comfort, aesthetics, and reliability. HyperX gaming products are the top choice for pro gamers, tech enthusiasts, celebrity ambassadors, and everyone in eSports. 

HyperX’s Cloud Alpha gaming headset is the first ever headset with more than 300 hours of battery life. Professional gamers can play nonstop for days on a single charge! It offers a 2.4GHz connection that offers wireless freedom without compromising audio quality. HyperX’s Spatial Audio also helps amp up your audio experience with impeccable and precise sound localization. 

Price range: $29.99 to $169.99

7. Beyerdynamic

If you’re looking for the longest-running headset manufacturing company, Beyerdynamic has been creating and innovating for almost a hundred years. Based in Germany, the company boasts new developments in the gaming gear industry with the help of its 400 highly qualified employees. 

Beyerdynamic’s best-selling gaming headphone is the T1, which boasts a high-end stereo sound for sophisticated audio. It offers a double-sided detachable connection cable for ultra-high-purity OCC7N copper covered with fabric. It’s breathable, with replaceable velpus ear pads!

Price range: $69 to $799

8. Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica was founded in the early 1960s in Tokyo, Japan. When the founder, Hideo Matsushita, hosted listening concerts, he was frustrated with how challenging it was to achieve high-fidelity listening. He created the first affordable phono cartridge, the AT-1, in Shinjuku, Tokyo. 

One of Audio-Technica’s best-selling products is the ATH-WB2022, carefully crafted from intertwined marbled walnut, maple, and mahogany wood. But this model goes beyond aesthetics; it offers the most balanced audio output system, with an independent DAC and an operational amplifier. 

Price range: $59 to $2,700

9. Turtle Beach

Deemed the first company known to pioneer first-to-market patented innovations and features in comfort-driven headsets, Turtle Beach combines a genuine passion for designing the best gaming products with German innovation. 

Turtle Beach’s most popular gaming headphone is the Stealth Pro headset for the Xbox. It has exceptional audio from 50mm Nanoclear Drivers. The model offers unrivaled, adjustable active noise cancellation and dual swappable battery system.

Price range: $69.95 to $279.99

10. Logitech

Logitech is another leading manufacturer of gaming-related products. From its gaming sensor HERO to its game-driven RGB technology LIGHTSYNC, Logitech prides itself on pushing the boundaries of play and tech. 

Logitech’s best-selling gaming headset is the Astro A450 Wireless headphone for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC/MAC. It provides detailed frequency response and enables precise sound localization. You’ll enjoy crisp, controlled mids and distortion-free bass. 

Price range: $39 to $249.99

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10 Best 2024 Video Games Every Gamer Will Love



gaming keyboard

The gaming industry revenue is projected to hit the US$ 282 billion mark this year. It is expected to have a growth rate of 8.76 percent from 2024 to 2027 yearly. And this is why gaming manufacturers and companies are scrambling to create new games and continuously update current ones. Professional gamer or not, here are the top 10 2024 video games you must try. 

1. Sons of the Forest

father and son gaming

If you’re into horror movies, maybe playing one of the characters in this survival horror game will excite you. Sons of the Forest isn’t for the faint of hearts. Developed by Endnight Games, it’s the sequel of the “The Forest,” a 2014 video game. This game’s setting is on an island overpowered by cannibals. It centers on a protagonist stranded on an island and has to fend off himself from cannibals. The players can build their weapons and shelters for their survival. 

2. Ultros 

Ultros is about a space traveler who suddenly wakes up on a spaceship. The spaceship, called Sarcophagus, imprisons the demon Ultros. Since the ship has been overgrown with plants and inhabited by aliens, players must interact with both to stay alive. But the main goal is to prevent Ultros from waking up. Players must increase their skills by eating plants and killing aliens who have gone mad and are not the ship’s bosses. 

3. Helldivers 2

Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, Helldivers 2 is for gamers who are into third-party shooter games. This is one of the newest 2024 video games, released on February 8, 2024, for Windows and PlayStation 5. Since its release, it became the fastest-selling game of all time, hitting 12 million units in sales during the initial 12 weeks. It revolves around using “strategems,” referring to sentry guns, cluster bombs, shield generators, and supply pods. Players must complete missions and reach game objectives to earn awards, war-bond medals, and requisition slips.

4. Like a Dragon

gaming monitors

Here’s a humorous combat JRPG game for chill gamers. Developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, players control Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu, exploring Yokohama’s Isezaki Ijincho district, Honolulu City in Hawaii, and Kamurochō. The game uses an enhanced turn-based combat system, the “Live Command RPG” Battle System, where characters move freely, impacting combat flow. Positioning enables special attacks and team-ups. The game introduces a Hype Meter for powerful team attacks and a Smackdown mode to skip weaker fights. The Poundmates summon system returns, allowing supporting characters to join battles directly.

5. Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a Metroidvania game based on an action fantasy movie directed by Mike Newell in 2010. It centers on the multiple incarnations of the Prince in medieval Persia. Jaffar seizes power and locks the Sultan’s daughter in a tower. The protagonist of the game is the Prince whom the Princess loves. The player must rescue the Princess and let her out of the tower by defeating Jaffar within 60 minutes. 

6. WWE 2K24

If you like wrestling, the WWE 2K24 is for you. It’s a video game series based on the WWE and is the 10th game under WWE 2K. Released on March 8, 2024, the WWE 2K24 is the newest wrestling video game with new features, improved graphics, and better overall gaming experience. Unfortunately, it drew flak from gamers due to its “incremental improvements” over its predecessor, WWE 2K23. However, you’ll still enjoy arcade and simulation wrestling gameplay. Gimmick matches, such as a casket, ambulance, gauntlet, and a special guest referee, are present within the game. The Backstage Brawl is also updated with new diverse weapons and four-player multiplayer. 

7. Balatro

gaming controller

If you have a knack for numbers and strategy, Balatro is the roguelike deck-building poker-themed video game for you. Released on February 20, 2024, Balatro is on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. It follows poker rules wherein you must defeat “blinds” and improve your deck. The overall goal is to win all 8 “antes.”

8. Hades II

Hades II is the sequel to the famous roguelike dungeon crawler game Hades in 2020. Hades II was released in early May of 2024. The successor is set in the same universe as the first Hades game, with the story revolving around the Princess of the Underworld, Melinoë. She is also the sister of the Zagreus, the protagonist of the first Hades game. The game centers on Melinoë and her mentor, Hecate. Both, with Melinoë as the star of the game, must defeat the god of time, Chronos. 

9. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

This is one of the most popular RPG games, and it is a sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, released in 2020. This video game is for you if you’re looking for real-time action. Players can be one of the characters belonging to the eco-terrorist group called Avalanche. The goal is to prevent Shinra from exploiting the “Lifestream.” They must also defeat Sephiroth, the former elite soldier. 

10. Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an action RPG where players control the “Arisen,” a hero marked by a dragon. Players explore, undertake quests, and battle monsters while navigating a geopolitical conflict between two kingdoms. AI-controlled allies aid the Arisen called “Pawns.” Players can customize their avatars and Pawns, choosing from various “vocations” or classes with unique abilities. The game introduces new hybrid vocations like Mystic Spearhand and Trickster. Additionally, players can recruit additional Pawns created by other players to enhance their party.

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10 Best Handheld Gaming Devices



warzone game on screen

Haven’t found the right handheld gaming device? You’ve come to the right place. We’re sharing 10 best handheld gaming devices to get you those wins! 

1. Valve Steam Deck

The Valve Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming device that excels at running modern PC games and emulating retro games with a customizable UI and sturdy build. Its cons include a bulky design, limited compatibility with some Steam games without tweaks, and a single USB-C port. It supports TV and monitor connections through a dock, starting at $399 for the LCD model and $549 for the OLED version.

2. ASUS ROG Ally

This handheld gaming device offers powerful performance with its AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, a 1080p display that comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, and Windows 11 for extensive game compatibility. While it boasts excellent build quality, a polished UI, and punchy speakers, it can run hot and lacks a carrying case. Priced at $699, it is more expensive than some competitors and has potential issues with button quality and battery life​.

3. Ayaneo 2

The Ayaneo 2 is a premium handheld gaming PC with a high build quality, 1200p bezel-less display, and hall effect joysticks. It features an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor and supports eGPUs for enhanced performance. While its ergonomic design ensures comfortable play, it is more expensive than other handhelds, starting at $1,099. Despite its higher price, it outperforms many competitors, including the Steam Deck, in various aspects​. 

4. Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED features a vibrant OLED display, an extensive game library, and versatile docked/handheld modes. While it lacks the power of PC-based handhelds and 4K capabilities, it retains the excellent features and game library of the original Switch. Its beautiful screen and functional upgrades make it appealing despite its 720p resolution and aging hardware compared to newer consoles. Priced at $349.99, it offers excellent value.

5. Ayaneo Geek

This device offers performance similar to the Ayaneo 2 at a lower price, starting at $949. It features customizable RAM and storage options but has a lower resolution and uses PCIe 3.0 instead of 4.0. This Ryzen 7 7840U handheld gaming PC is designed for comfort and functionality, with hall effect triggers, configurable macro buttons, and dual USB Type-C ports, including one with USB 4 support​.

6. iPad Pro

The iPad Pro (2022) features a powerful M2 chip, an excellent display, and versatile functionality for non-gaming tasks, making it ideal for productivity and media creation. However, it’s costly and not optimized for traditional gaming controls, and additional accessories can quickly add to the cost. Starting around $799, it offers laptop-level performance, ProRes video support, and capable cameras, but its high price and the limitations of iPadOS are notable drawbacks​.

7. Lenovo Legion Go

The Lenovo Legion Go boasts an 8.8-inch 2K display and detachable controllers, delivering a solid Windows gaming experience. It is excellent for indie and home gaming but is larger and heavier than most handhelds, making it less portable. Additionally, its native resolution is often underutilized in games. Priced between $699 and $749, it offers a high-quality screen and versatile gaming options​.

8. Playdate

Looking for a minimalist handheld gaming device with a unique crank, exclusive indie games, and a retro design? Its compact yellow plastic case features a clicky D-pad and satisfying buttons. Despite the tiny size, it offers decent sound and a USB-C port for charging and sideloading games. With an approximate price of $179, it has a limited game library and niche appeal but stands out for its creativity​.

9. Ayaneo Air

The Ayaneo Air is a compact handheld gaming device featuring powerful AMD Ryzen processors and excellent display options. Its small form factor makes it highly portable, similar to a Nintendo Switch, and it’s comfortable and quiet to use with extensive RAM and SSD options. However, its battery life is limited and comes at a premium price, starting around $549. Despite its cost, its portability and performance make it a strong contender for on-the-go gaming.

10. GPD Win 4

The GPD Win 4 is a pocket-sized handheld gaming PC with a slider keyboard, powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U or Ryzen 5 7640U processor and Windows 11 support. It offers powerful performance for AAA games, up to 64GB RAM, as well as up to 4TB SSD options. However, its battery life is limited, and its complex design can make text difficult to read in some games. Priced around $800, it’s a versatile but intricate device​.

9 Factors to Look for in a Handheld Gaming Device

When looking for the right handheld gaming device, ensure you’re considering these crucial components:

  • Performance: Go for devices with powerful and ample RAM and processors.
  • Display: Buy a high-resolution display, at least 1080p or higher
  • Battery: Ensure the battery life matches your usage
  • Portability: Consider the size of the device so you can play nonstop
  • Connectivity: Look for multiple connectivity options, like HDMI, Bluetooth, USB-C ports, etc.
  • Software and OS: Check if the operating system and interface is user-friendly
  • Storage: Find sufficient internal storage that is also expandable with microSD slots, for example
  • Ergonomics: Look for devices with reliable build and comfortable grip
  • Price: Consider your budget and select the best handheld gaming device that offers excellent features and performance

Final Words

These best handheld gaming devices are the top picks from gamers worldwide. When selecting the right one, ensure you’re not comprising features, function against the price, and vice versa. Find that excellent balance between performance and price. Read reviews from users and check product or tutorial videos.

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10 Best Gaming Headphones of 2024



headphone in yellow background

If you haven’t found the right gaming headphones, you’re probably not searching in the right places. Better yet, you probably don’t know how to choose one. Your gaming headphones must have excellent quality, comfortable, reliable connectivity, and multiple features. Here are the 10 best gaming headphones of 2024. 

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless offers outstanding high-fidelity sound quality and a premium build. It provides the ability to connect to a console and mobile device simultaneously. The headset features an excellent microphone that filters noise and a comfortable design. Despite low wireless latency, it has limited noise isolation. The unique battery charging system enhances gaming sessions. Drawback: no dedicated microphone volume button.

2. HyperX Cloud II

This headset features low latency and balanced audio quality, including virtual surround sound. Its noise-filtering microphone is clear, and the comfortable ear cups allow for extended gaming sessions. However, the lack of software customization and breathability can lead to warm ears. Pros include good sound and comfort, but cons involve poor noise isolation and potential sound sharpness.

3. Razer BlackShark V2

Deemed as one of the top gaming headsets, the Razer BlackShark V2 provides excellent sound isolation, comfort, and high-quality sound. It delivers more accurate audio than most gaming headsets and can be worn for hours without overheating. Its downsides include an average microphone and cumbersome Synapse software.

4. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

Looking for a premium gaming headset? The Corsair Virtuoso Wireless SE is a premium gaming headset offering excellent wireless connectivity, superb sound, and customizable RGB lighting. It features a high-quality microphone, long battery life, and a sturdy build. While it delivers a compelling package, its higher price, and potential heat build-up during long sessions may be drawbacks.

5. Logitech G Pro X

The Logitech G Pro X gaming headset offers professional-grade sound and Blue Voice microphone technology for clear communication. While it excels on PC with its comfortable design and extensive sound customization, its reliance on software hampers performance on consoles. The headset features multiple wired connectivity options, but the microphone may underemphasize bass.

6. Beyerdynamic MMX 150

Nothing beats this headset’s superior audio quality and comfortable design, making it an excellent choice for audiophile gamers. It features many replaceable parts and strong fundamentals, although it is best used with a wired USB connection. Despite its solid construction, the headset may be expensive, given its features and limited button functionality with a 3.5mm adapter.


The Epos H6Pro is a versatile mid-range gaming headset with exceptional audio quality and an ergonomic design. It offers a clear, punchy sound and a crystal-clear microphone. Compatibility with all systems makes it convenient, and users can choose between open or closed-back variants. The open version leaks audio, and the mic splitter can be inconvenient.

8. Astro A50

The fourth generation of the Astro A50 is a premium wireless gaming headset that offers an immersive experience with Dolby Audio. The headset features a low-latency wireless base station and a comfortable design for long gaming sessions. Its boom mic provides excellent recording quality and effective noise isolation. Onboard controls allow for volume adjustments and other settings, though occasional issues exist with the companion software. The headset’s open soundstage is a strength, but its noise isolation is lacking.

9. Audeze Mobius

The Audeze Mobius is known for its planar magnetic drivers and 3D audio technology, offering a distinctive listening experience. While it comes at a higher price, its exceptional audio quality and multiple connectivity options make it a top choice for gaming enthusiasts. The headset supports 7.1, stereo, and Bluetooth modes, and the 3D audio works well. However, the price may be a drawback, and the memory foam takes time to adapt for comfort.

10. Sennheiser GSP 670

Buying this headset offers superb sound quality, comfort, and a dependable wireless connection, all in one package. Despite its high price, it delivers top-notch audio and a good microphone. The headset is ideal for gamers seeking a premium wireless experience and remote workers needing an all-day option. However, the connection range can be inconsistent.

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