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Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses Money Can Buy



If there’s one job role that most of us would like to have right now, it has got to be a mattress- reviewer. Imagine completing a task just by sleeping! And so when we found out that we will review mattresses, we crossed our fingers. We wanted ‘The Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattress’ assignment to fall on our desks – Our team was the lucky one.

Among the several mattresses that our team tried, only 10 made it to our list. We used professional standards, and of course, gauged how comfortable we slept after a long day of work.

Take note that we included both affordable and high-end mattresses so you have wider options. 

1. Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is made of memory foam and innerspring coils. These coils are individually wrapped that can provide maximum support. You won’t be bothered even if your kids or partner move a lot when they sleep. What we love about this mattress is that it cools down your body so it’s perfect most especially during the hotter days. It’s 12 inches tall and ideal for any type of sleeper.

You can have this amazing mattress for $395 for their twin size. All things considered, you are getting more than what you paid for with Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress

2. Wave Hybrid Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress was launched in 2014 and has been making waves up until this very day. Their mattress combines multiple layers of poly foam, memory foam, latex, and coils. It’s quite overwhelming but their intention is to provide comfort, support, and relief.

We tried it for ourselves and noticed how our backs were evenly distributed. It works perfectly for people finding relief. However, we do not recommend this for stomach sleepers.

Be prepared to spend a lot on Casper Mattress. You can bring this home for $1,346 for the twin size. It’s not the most practical choice, but if you want superior quality, then go ahead and buy one right now. 

3. 360 p6 Smart Bed

Since smart homes are already becoming popular, getting a smart bed might not be a bad idea after all. Their technology monitors your body’s movements and it will adjust the mattress accordingly. 

This 11-inch mattress has gel-infused foams that are beneficial to reduce body heat. The smart bed’s app is available for both Android and Apple users. 

360 p6 Smart Bed has different sizes available from twin XL to California King. It’s best for people suffering from chronic pains. However, since the mattress is expensive, you might want to think twice – or even thrice, if it is worth it.

As it uses advanced technology, you can have your own 360 p6 Smart Bed Twin XL for $1,899. 

4. Leesa Hybrid Mattress

This brand is high on their social responsibility as for every 10 mattresses they sell, they donate one mattress to a non-profit organization. But there is more to love than their big hearts. For one, it uses a cooling Avena foam which makes our sleep even better. It also has excellent edge support that allows you to maximize the entire area of your bed when you sleep.

Although we have to admit, the weight of the mattress is too much even for two people. So if you plan to install it in your home, make sure you are fully decided where you want to have it

Get your own Twin Size Leesa Hybrid Mattress for $849.

5. Birch Mattress

If you are looking for a comfortable, flame-retardant, and eco-friendly mattress, Birch is your best choice. They use all-natural materials such as wool fibers, natural latex, and organic cotton. We recommend the mattress for stomach and back sleepers. But if you share your bed with someone who moves a lot, we believe this isn’t the best option. 

If you buy from them, 1% of the sale will go straight to the National Forest Foundation. Their twin mattress is available for $1,049. 

6. Plank Mattress

With this mattress, you have two firmness options, and all you have to do is to flip it. We don’t suggest buying this bed if you are light or 125 lbs and below. Motion isolation wise, this has performed well and is a good choice if you share your bed. According to experts, the foam will last for around 8 years, but this depends on how you use it.

We love that this mattress has a more affordable price of $699 for the twin size. 

7. Nectar Mattress

This mattress uses different layers of gel quilting foam, memory foam, and base foam. We highly recommend this for stomach sleepers. Since it is quite firm, those who are heavy might find this the perfect mattress. Wait for it to fully expand first and based on experience, you have to wait for more than 24 hours.

The company goes an extra mile by allowing their customers to try the mattress for 365 days before fully committing. Free cover replacement is also available. So it isn’t just great mattresses that you’d get from them, they also have outstanding customer service.

It’s one of the most comfortable mattresses on our list with a price of $399 for the twin size. 

8. Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest Black uses luxury and high-end foams and quality spring support systems. In fact, they use one of the longest-lasting coils in the industry. It’s no wonder that a lot of celebrities endorse the mattress.

The mattress is pretty firm and we would rate it as 8 out of 10 (10 being the rock). But remember, most people would rather choose a 6 or 7.5 in terms of firmness. Thus, this is good if you are a stomach sleeper.

However, even with such loud marketing, we feel that some of the mattresses that we’ve reviewed here fared better. If you are all about fashion, then this should do you good. 

If you want to splurge on your mattress, the Beautyrest Black’s price starts at $1,999. 

9. Titan

Here’s another hybrid mattress that’s ideal for heavier people. It is made for sleepers who weigh more than 200 lbs. With high-density foams and outstanding springs, this mattress provides durability and comfort at the same time.

We did some tests on motion isolation and it passed our standards. Even if you are sharing your bed with a toddler, you can still get that good amount of sleep. And on hot nights, Titan’s technology will cool you down.

You can have your own Titan mattress for $699. This is cheaper than most of the mattresses here. But we assure you that in terms of quality and performance, Titan could go a long way and deserves a spot in The Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattress list. 

10. Brooklyn Aurora

The last mattress on our list is Brooklyn Aurora. It offers 3 levels of firmness to accommodate whatever type of sleeper you are. It uses eco-friendly foams and you can try it out for 120 days. The standard is just 100 so they are a bit generous to give you an additional 20 days. 

When we first touched the mattress, we already knew that it can improve your body’s temperature as you sleep. The only disadvantage we noticed was that it can be a bit bouncy. But of course, we understand that some people would prefer a bouncy mattress.

If this sounds right for you, the twin size bed can be yours for $999. 


It was such an amazing experience to review different mattresses. Some of our team members have already placed their orders after trying out the best ones. But among all the mattresses that we’ve tried, the one that won us over is  Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress. It’s not because they offer more affordable options. We also based it on the materials, the benefits, and the after-service. 

Judging ‘The Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattress’ relies on different factors. You have to consider your weight, sleeper type, and the budget, among many others. It is subjective and what is good for us might be different from yours.  

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Best Zoom Fails



As our stay-at-home situation continues, expect the ongoing online classes, meetings, conferences, interviews, and virtual court sessions. Although Zoom greatly benefited us through these trying times, there are always some epic fail moments that we wished never happened. Well, that’s the downside of video calls. No wonder I’m always paranoid if my webcam or mic is turned off. Here’s 10 of the best zoom fails on the internet we can learn from: 

Zooming While Driving

It’s ironic how a state senator drives while on a video meeting. As the video gains attention online, Sen. Brenner clarifies that he wasn’t distracted while driving. His focus is on the road while listening to the meeting. However, it’s amusing to watch the senator multitask the Zoom meeting and his driving. Well, that’s a busy life for you. 

“I’m Not A Cat” 

Lawyer Rod Ponton accidentally entered the virtual court case in a cute kitten filter. It’s funny how his frantic voice matches the worried expression on the filter. The highlight of this video is when the lawyer assures he’s not a cat. Well, don’t worry. I’m sure the judge is aware you’re not a different species. 

The Bathroom Trip

Aside from being one of the best zoom fails ever, it’s also the one mistake we never want to make. It’s unavoidable to visit the bathroom once nature calls. However, this Zoom meeting suddenly went wrong when Jennifer forgot to turn off her camera. Imagine the embarrassment once she realized her colleagues joined her bathroom trip. Yikes. 

Rocco’s Parliament Debut

Rocco, a UK parliament member’s cat, decides to interrupt the meeting while flexing its tail to the other members. It’s funny how John Nicolson casually said, “I apologize for my cat’s tail,” once he noticed the slight interruption. Well, the perks of working from home with your pet, never a dull moment.  

I Can See Your Underwear!

Another perk of working from home is never wearing pants. But, of course, you don’t have to broadcast it to everyone to see. This is not a Zoom fail video, but it’s too good not to include on the list. The lesson of this Google Hangouts call? Never forget to end the call once you’re done with the team meeting.

Always Double-Check Your Zoom Name

It’s always an awkward moment if your Zoom screen name is not appropriate to be used for formal meetings. So aside from your microphone and webcam, never forget to double-check your name.

“Are you okay? You’re upside-down.” 

Another filter failure strikes when Tom Emmer, a Republican lawmaker, got stuck upside down during a virtual meeting. This is one of the reasons why we need to double-check our equipment before an important meeting. The best part? His colleagues reassure Tom by saying, “at least you’re not a cat.” 

“Did he fall?”

This video features a teacher trying to get his students engaged in his class. First, he jokes that he’s at the ledge of the Empire State Building. Then, he continues by faking that he’s falling, but the joke turns real when he falls off his chair. At least he made his students laugh, right? 

Zoom Fail Double-Kill 


Not 200 people witnessing the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to me #zoom #fail #embarrased #college #FallDIY #ThatWitch #fyp #trending

♬ original sound – Michael Winner

Yes, another TikTok failed. If you think painting your face blue will go unnoticed in your Zoom class, well, think again. If you believe that’s embarrassing, how about panicking and ranting on TikTok while thinking the mic is off? 

This Zoom is an instant double-kill for this poor soul. It keeps getting worse! If you make sure to follow these simple rules, you’ll avoid being listed on the best Zoom fails list.

Working from home? Learn how to optimize your at-home workspace.

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The Official Rules to Binge-Watching with Your Significant Other



It’s happened to all of us. You started binge-watching a show with your significant other, and then somebody does the unthinkable: They watch an episode without you. Or the last episode you watched ended on a crazy cliffhanger, and you can’t wait to see what happens next, but your partner is dragging their feet to watch again. This is unacceptable.

But it’s not their fault. It’s not like there are official rules to binging TV with your partner. We’ve all just been navigating this crazy, crazy world on our own. Well, I’ve changed all that. After time and thoughtful consideration, I have prepared a list of rules to clear up any discrepancies and settle all disputes. So read below and share with your partner. I present to you, once and for all, the Official Rules to Binge-Watching with Your Significant Other.

1.    The Pilot Episode Principal

You and your significant other cannot officially commit to binge-watching a show until after you have both assessed the first episode. Maybe you and your significant other set out to watch that epic fantasy show with all the violence and nudity that ended a few years ago. Or maybe you want to catch up on the superhero show so you can watch the finale at the end of the week in real-time. Either way, you need a taste of the show before you join in on this adventure.

Watch the first episode together and talk about it before committing.

What did you think?

How did you both feel about it? Did the show grab you? Do you both like the genre? Was it too confusing? Did you like the humor? These are the questions to ask each other before watching the next episode. You might not be completely sold on the show. One might like it more than the other, and that’s fine. More on that later. Just get a gauge for your partner’s interest. Maybe she laughed harder than you did. Maybe he’s more into than you.

2.    Thou Shalt Not Cheat

Here it is in writing: No watching the show without your significant other. This cannot be stated enough. Watching the show by yourself is a HIGH CRIME. This is akin to infidelity. Once the trust is broken, it is difficult to regain.

The Sleeping Amendment

It’s 3 am, and you’re 6 episodes into your binge. Your favorite character walks in on his best friend in bed with his wife. Before the best friend can say anything, your character reaches in the dresser, pulls out a revolver, and shoots them both dead! Your jaw drops. You can’t believe it. You look at your girlfriend to see her reaction… and she’s snoring. Credits roll, and Netflix asks:

That question is for both of you. Translation: your binge-watching is over for the night. You cannot continue to the next episode while your significant other is sleeping. You may, however, finish any episode that you started together. It doesn’t matter if they fell asleep with ten minutes left or if they fell asleep during the opening credits. So, it is written.

3.    It’s Called Binge-Watching. Not Snacking.

You’ve both agreed to binge? Great, now get on with it. But remember, they call it binge-watching for a reason. The term binging refers to indulging in an activity to excess. Binge drinking does not mean a glass of wine with dinner. No one binge eats a salad. Similarly, you don’t binge-watch a show one episode at a time.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon: they all conveniently have an automatic ‘Play Next’ feature. It’s there for a reason. You might not get to watch a whole season in a sitting. Maybe one evening, you only have time for a single episode. And that’s okay. But burning through the show as quickly as possible is the goal.

4.    The Mercy Rule

If you have committed to binge-watching a show with your significant other, but over time you realize that you’re just not feeling it as much as they are, cut it loose. I know you value the quality time with your partner as much as the show itself, but sometimes it’s okay to let it go. Tapping out of a binge is the respectable and dignified course of action. In doing so, you give your significant other permission to go on without you and watch the show in their spare time.

In doing so, three provisions come forward:

  1. You, henceforth known as the Quitter, may request a recap of what you missed should you decide to jump back in.
  2. The Quitter may watch the show on their own time should they wish to catch up, but their significant other is NOT REQUIRED to rewatch with them.
  3. The Quitter is not expected to watch the show during quality time. They gave up on the show; it is no longer their cross to bear.

5.    The Statute of Limitations

Sometimes life gets in the way of what’s really important. Maybe you picked up an extra shift, or you need to help your sister and her boyfriend move because he’s a scrawny loser who doesn’t have any friends to help. These things happen. But binging with your partner should take some priority. If your partner is consistently waiting for you to make time to watch your show together, resentment builds. Agree on a maximum acceptable time between viewings. This is different for every couple. Whether it’s two days or a week, set a cap for time off. If the said time has elapsed, either party is free to ignore the Cheater Rule.

6.    After Binge-Watching, Never Fall Behind Again

If you and your partner binge-watch to catch up on a show that is on air, you have not graduated to the status of a ‘regular viewer.’ This is an elite status that is not as common as it was 20 years ago. Some people prefer to wait for a show to end before they binge the whole thing from start to finish. But for those who enjoy a regular viewer status get to talk about the show with other viewers in real-time. You can talk about the latest episode at work, and you no longer have to run from spoilers. That’s why it is important to stay caught up on the show.

Should you and your partner miss the show when it airs (or when you agree to watch it), you have until the airing of the next episode to watch the show together. If you still haven’t watched the last episode before the day of the new episode, both parties can catch up on their own. If you couldn’t spare an hour all week, that’s on you.

By Reading This You Have Officially Agreed to These Rules for Binge-Watching

There you have it. No longer will you be able to hide behind your ignorance. These rules have been made clear. Now that you and your partner have read these rules, the slate is officially wiped clean. Any grudges or punishments for past injustices are no longer valid. But from now onward, both parties are expected to binge by the rules.

Be sure to check back with us for our upcoming article on Amendments, Exceptions, and Acceptable Punishments.

Looking for a comprehensive list on all the streaming services and their prices? Check out this article.

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Staycation: My Ultimate Guide to the Best Holiday at Home



Going on a staycation isn’t exactly new. But at the height of the pandemic, it has slowly become a norm for those who want to have a relaxing time yet have limited mobility. If you are not used to this type of R & R, I got you covered. I have here the ultimate guide for a staycation so that you can enjoy it and at the same time, temporarily forget your worries. These tips are lifted from my current staycation, so I know that it works. 

What is a Staycation? 

When I say staycation, this refers to a vacation typically near your home. It’s a practical way to remove stress, and it’s also more eco-friendly considering won’t leave much of a carbon footprint. Some choose nearby hotels or bed and breakfast, while others have staycations at their home. 

Whatever your choice is, you can always make your staycation worthwhile with the tips below. 

Start Unplugging and Enjoy a Social Media-Free Day

I hate to break this to you, but social media can be stressful. You get to see a lot of unverified news, which can also target your emotional and mental well-being. Also, there’s a possibility that you compare your life with others. You start to feel that you are not good enough because you can’t afford the same things that your friends could. Again, this isn’t healthy. 

When you have a staycation, it’s the perfect time to unplug. Instead, you can go back to reading or writing in your journal. If you haven’t been meditating in a while,  you could take advantage of this opportunity. 

You will soon realize that there’s no need to constantly scroll down through your feed. And what matters most is the life off-screen rather than the one deliberately posted for online followers.  

Work Out a Budget

Many people think that staycations are cheap. But this is not always the case, and the overall cost will depend on your chosen location and accommodation. Having said that, you need to determine a decent budget. That way, you won’t have to worry if you wish to have awesome food delivered to your room or if you want to buy an expensive bottle of champagne. 

You might think this isn’t practical. But quite frankly, splurging once in a while could be healthy. It helps you enjoy your hard-earned money. And it keeps you motivated to work smarter so you can have more.   

Unless you are going to stay at home, then building a huge budget might not be necessary. 

Set an Out of Office Response

Don’t forget to draft an automatic out of office response on your email. A staycation is no different from a traditional vacation where people don’t want to get bothered by problems, especially from work. 

To manage expectations and set boundaries, make sure that you create your OoO response ahead of time. Of course, do not forget to add an emergency contact number and highlight that this is just for urgent matters. Let the people know that you would rather not get disturbed and that you will get back to them once you are done with your well-deserved time off.     

Pre-Select Movies and TV Series to Watch

Have you ever experienced spending several minutes just to find the right movies and TV series to watch? I know I’m not the only ones. The thing is, your staycation time is limited. Would you want to spend 30 minutes of your time just choosing? 

A simple solution is to pre-select these before your staycation date. Write it down or add it to your playlist. That way, you can just turn on the TV, lounge on the couch or bed, and start stuffing yourself with pizza or popcorn – or whatever sinful food you desire.    

Consider Your Kids When Planning

As adults, we often look forward to a day of doing nothing. But if you have kids, things are different. They will eventually get bored, and chances are, they will throw tantrums for hours. 

A win-win situation is to think of activities that will keep them preoccupied as you try to enjoy your free time. If possible, look for accommodation where facilities are ideal for kids. Or if you can bring board games, Legos, or even coloring books, these should work just fine. 

Call Local Attractions Ahead of Time 

Ideally, staycations are meant to be spent in rooms where you can just relax and slowly enjoy every minute. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t and won’t go out. Writing down nearby local attractions is a good idea so you can have a backup plan just in case you run out of good movies to watch or activities to do. 

Since the pandemic is still happening, you might want to call in advance and check if the attractions are open. Likewise, try to know their restrictions so you can prepare ahead.

Invite A Good Friend

You might also want to share your staycation experience with a friend. The advantage of inviting someone is that you can split the expenses and you can do more with your budget. 

However, you need to carefully choose whom to invite. As much as possible, they should respect your personal time and will give you space even if you are staying in just one room.  

Take Loads of Photos 

Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures as you enjoy your staycation. But be careful not to make it too orchestrated. Just act normally and try to capture the best moments whether you are doing it on your own or if you are with your friends and family. 

It’s always a great idea to keep happy moments so you can get back to it if ever you feel down. It keeps you inspired as well. Your photos are not just for your IG followers but for yourself. 

Have Fun! 

Like going on a conventional vacation, a staycation needs a lot of preparation. Sure, you can be impulsive and book a hotel room right away, but that could place a huge dent in your budget. As a rule of thumb, plan it ahead of time, set a budget, and enjoy. After all, you deserve it.

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