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Business2 days ago

The Power Of Storytelling

Today’s consumers are an extremely connected, discerning bunch, and engaging with them requires a thoughtful approach to communication. Reaching them...

presentation presentation
Startup Central2 days ago

5 Presentation Options Other Than PowerPoint

Microsoft's PowerPoint is a very popular choice for presentations. For most part, it is easy to use and is considered...

hiring hiring
Startup Central3 days ago

3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Potential Employee

The job of evaluating potential employees can be hard. It can be hard to find out if the person is...

Founders sitting around outside table Founders sitting around outside table
Business3 days ago

7 Truths Of Entrepreneurship No One Tells You

Being an entrepreneur is a high-risk and high-reward journey that only few can withstand. Nowdays, becoming an entrepreneur seems like...

best ideas best ideas
Business4 days ago

How To Get Employees To Tell You Their Best Ideas

Your company has many employees which mean you have access to an unlimited number of the best ideas. But do...

Jared Kleinert Jared Kleinert
Business4 days ago

A Day In The Life Of A New York City Super-Connector

Ever wondered what it is like to meet your favorite social media superstars or interview your favorite startup founders? What...

workplace communication workplace communication
Business4 days ago

5 Effective Workplace Communication Hacks

Communication is a key factor in many aspects of life. Often times, miscommunication impacts work in a negative way. However,...

new business website new business website
Sales5 days ago

6 Reasons Why You Need A New Business Website

6 Reasons Why You Need A New Business Website. Websites are very important for businesses because it can provide your...