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Father’s Day Gift Guide



With Father’s Day just around the corner, don’t settle for another Best Dad Mug. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, isn’t it time to spice things up? Here’s the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for your techy dad and more: 

1. GolfPal Sling Shot PRO 

If your dad loves golf, then this GolfPal Sling Shot PRO will be your best Father’s Day gift ever! This “swing trainer” will give him the extra boost needed to win. It’s a gadget that trains speed and provides high-tech feedback. Not only does it provide audible feedback, but it gives visual and kinesthetic feedback too. So if you think your dad would love to polish his swings more, then your gift hunting is now over.


2. Plevo- The Runner Smart Travel Suitcase

This smart travel suitcase has a cheat sheet to prevent overweight fee dilemmas at the airport. It’s built with a weight sensor that can weigh the suitcase and synchronizes it with his flight information. In addition, the smart bag can offer convenience to him with fantastic features such as charging options and more. 

Pre-Order: $459

3. WearME, 4-in-1 Wearable

Do you think your dad is the health-conscious type? This wearable gadget can help improve your dad’s health and even his fitness sessions. It acts like a fitness companion that can track body posture, heart rate, temperature, and other health concerns. Sounds healthy? Sign up for the Super Early Bird pack.

Pre-Order: $119

4. NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit (Nintendo Switch)

If your dad owns a Nintendo Switch, why not buy him a NexTemplo 4-in-1 Gaming Kit? It’s made to eliminate the inconveniences of Switch. The gaming kit includes a charging dock 10x more minor than the average size, Bluetooth audio, a 4K HDMI cable, and gaming earbuds.

Pre-order: $39

5. ZETAZS Ranger PRO Electric Scooter

Get your dad a superb ride by purchasing a ZETAZS Ranger electric scooter. It features a sleek and simple design that any rider of legal age can use. In addition, the scooter comes with smart technology, stable performance, and an efficient system. 

Coming Soon: $879

6. FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk 

Yes, it’s finally time to give your dad’s home office a makeover. Why not start by splurging on a height adjusting table? For dads who work at home, an adjustable desk with USB ports sounds like a great gift. 

Price: $499

7. LG PuriCare 360° Air Purifier

How about a Father’s Day gift that improves indoor air quality? If your dad worries about the fine dust, odor, and other harmful air pollution, then it’s enough reasons to splurge. But, again, this gift is suitable for dads who love appliances and care about the household’s indoor air. 

Price: $699

8. CookingPal Multo

Here’s another suggestion for dads who love appliances and techy items— CookingPal Multo. It has a smart technology cooking system making it a one-stop device with additional accessories. The best part? This intelligent appliance reduces preparation time, the actual cooking time and has a “clean” feature.

Price: $799  

9. MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet, iPhone 12 Series

If your dad uses an iPhone 12, this MOFT snap-on stand and wallet is a great gift. The wallet itself holds at least three cards and has a minimalistic design. As for the snap-on stand, it offers three viewing modes for your dad to enjoy— portrait, landscape, and floating.

Price: $29.74

10. HP Elite Folio 2-in1 Laptop

HP offers a new Elite Folio that provides a laptop and a tablet in one gadget. So if you think your dad’s laptop is long overdue for a new purchase, then now is the time to shine. This Father’s day gift will help those who are working on the go. 

Price: $1, 786.88

11. Nexar Beam GPS

GPS dashcam— do you still need convincing? If your dad loves driving, then this Nexar Beam dash cam might be the perfect gadget for him to use. It captures footage with 1080p Full HD resolution. 


12. FlexTheraphyShop FlexiGun

Is your dad suffering from back pains and all other kinds of body pain? This FlexiGun helps the owners alleviate body pain and stiffness. It’s a great purchase if you hear your dad always complaining because of muscle cramps.

Price: $129.99

13. Dyson Omni-glide Multi-Directional Vacuum

This gift guide suggestion is for fathers who love cleaning. Dyson’s Omni-glide vacuum can effortlessly maneuver into tight spaces and multiple directions. Other than that, it has a fluffy, cleaner head and a body with four pieces of castor wheels. 

Price: $399.99

14. Garmin Venu 2S Compact Fitness Smartwatch

Garmin Venu 2S is the ideal gift for dads that love watches and fitness. Not only that, but it also contains 25 different built-in sports apps. As much as possible, you can closely track needed information using the smartwatch. 

Price: $399.99

15. Roku All-in-One Streambar

How about a gift that benefits everyone inside the household? You can upgrade the family’s entertainment experience with the All-in-One Streambar. It’s a nifty smart device that comes with a cinematic surround and a 4K streaming system. 

Price: $179.99

16. Optoma UHD38 4k Home Projector

Another device that can improve your entertainment system experience is the Optoma 4K Home Projector. Your dad can use it to play games, watch movies, and more. The highlight of using this 4K home projector is the life-like detailing and texture used. Using the projector, you can create and show images up to 300″.

Price: $1299

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Nature’s #MeToo: How Female Animals Fight Back



The #MeToo social movement has gained international attention over raising awareness against sexual abuse and publicizing sex crimes and harassment. As it turns out, females fighting back when facing injustice isn’t exclusive to humans. In fact, recent studies show that certain animals also have their own ways of retaliating when ill-treated. 

Yes, nature has its very own #MeToo movement, and the hummingbirds and octopuses show us how it’s done in the wild.

#MeToo: Female Hummingbirds Take What’s Theirs

First, let’s talk about hummingbirds, particularly the white-necked jacobin hummingbirds (Florisuga mellivora). The male birds of this species have blue-colored heads and throats, while female ones have more muted hues – olive-green heads and backs, with spotted throats. On the other hand, some females also have blue coloring, and they often use it in their #MeToo movement.

According to a study published in Current Biology, researchers found that female birds display their blue coloring. Though birds often show their colorful features during mating season to attract those of the opposite sex, the study found that procreation isn’t their motivation. In fact, males don’t seem to prefer blue-colored female birds.

University of Washington evolutionary biologist Jay Falk who led the study, said mating choices don’t exclusively determine animals’ looks. Falk’s team released over 400 birds in Panama and used genetics to know their sex to conduct the study.

To make the research even more interesting, the researchers placed green or dull-colored dummies on feeders. According to the results of the study, males attempted to mate with the dummies, mistaking them for live female birds.

Falk described male jacobins as the” show-off jocks of the hummingbird world,” and for a good reason. Aside from attempting to court the dummies, some male birds also attacked the dummies. And when this happened, other species of hummingbirds also followed suit. According to Falk, this only goes to show why female birds wanted to show off their blue color – they want to have as much power as the males.  

Female Octopuses Don’t Stand Back

For other animals, it takes a lot more than showing colors to gain a bit of leverage in the struggle for power between genders. Such is the case for female octopuses off the Australian coast. Their #MeToo move? They throw a fit – literally. 

University of Sydney scientist Peter Godfrey-Smith and his team filmed Sydney octopuses at a site in Jervis Bay. Some people call the place Octopolis because it’s one of the few locations in the sandy sea bottom where the octopuses can create dens, thus their big population in the area. 

According to the study, the females throw shells and silt to target males that harass them. How do they do it? Godfrey-Smith says the females hold algae, silt, or other objects under their bodies with their tentacles. They then angle their siphons and shoot water afterward. As a result, they propel the projectiles in a move akin to throwing.

Godfrey-Smith says octopuses often use this move to excavate dens or to dispose of the remains of meals. In that sense, it was easy to assume that the move was a harmless deed without malice. However, they started to suspect that something was up when they saw that the females hit males.

When they gave it a closer look, they indeed found the difference between throws that clear the den and throws that target others.

In fact, they even caught a female octopus throwing silt ten times at a male that was attempting to mate with her. The female was successful in hitting its target five times. The male tried to duck and avoid the projectile but to no avail.

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Hackers Threaten The Alexander Lukashenko Regime



A group of hackers threatens Alexander Lukashenko’s empire. The hackers say they have data of all corrupt and misdoings of the dictator.

Belarus is a country bordered by Russia and Ukraine. It is the 13th largest country in Eastern Europe, with a population of 9.3 million. Its dictator, who has been appointed into office since 1994, is the first president of Belarus. For close to three decades, Alexander Lukashenko reigned supreme with the most restrictive police authorities. The tyrant used his power to remain in office to date.

However, Alexander Lukashenko’s opposition is trying to overthrow this almost 30-year regime by collaborating with a group of hackers. They aim to expose the wrongdoings of Alexander Lukashenko and his political intentions. 

The group of hackers called Belarus Cyber Partisans consists of activists in Belarus with over 77,000 subscribers on Telegram. Belarus Cyber Partisans has penetrated Belarus’s authoritarian government. 

Leaked information about Alexander Lukashenko

It all started when Belarus Cyber Partisans leaked information they gathered from the most confidential government and police networks. These activists protested against the dictator in September 2020. It’s by using government websites to unleash a series of fraudulent systems — including the country’s most recent election. 

Although Lukashenko won by a mile, the people of Belarus believed that the win was a total fraud. Experts believe that this might be the most comprehensive hacks of a nation in history. 

Belarus Cyber Partisans claims they have successfully infiltrated a majority of the Belarus administration by breaching the most sensitive police and government networks. The group has released evidence of Belarus police crimes, the country’s cover-up on the real COVID-19 mortality rate, and the violent crackdowns on the people’s peaceful protests. 

Since the group has hacked almost all of the administration’s systems, they assured more information is coming. They say that the series of leaked information is just a fraction of the other ruthless crimes that Alexander Lukashenko committed. 

An anonymous Belarus Cyber Partisans representative said in an MIT Technology Review interview that, “What we want is to stop the violence and repression from the terroristic regime in Belarus and to bring the country back to democratic principles and rule of law.”

The country’s thriving IT scene led to the formation of the Belarus Cyber Partisans. The group comprises 15 IT professionals who started causing turmoil in September 2020 when the group began defacing the country’s government websites.

Help from officers and former politicians

In December 2020, Belarus Cyber Partisans sought the help of a Belarusian law enforcement group called BYPOL. This is an organization of intelligent officers and former politicians working from outside and inside the country to dethrone Alexander Lukashenko and end his unjust and cruel methods. Last year alone, the dictator arrested over 27,000 people from peaceful protests. 

A former Belarusian diplomat attested to the regime’s criminal activities and supported both groups’ plans in exposing Alexander Lukashenko’s misdeeds. He says the groups will open the people’s eyes by making the crimes more “transparent.”

The series of leaked information also included drone footage of violent crackdowns of the people’s protest, audio recordings, and video feeds from surveillance cameras and isolation cells. 

Overall, the Belarus Cyber Partisans’ goal is to weaken the regime’s infrastructure by implementing cyberattacks that cripple the government’s security forces. Moreover, the group also ensures that protesters get the protection they need.

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Kim Kardashian Breaks The Internet. Again.



Hey everyone. Kim Kardashian did another thing. And it’s not what you expect.

This year’s 2021 Met Gala theme was “American Independence.” This theme was so open that the outfits, dresses, and costumes were absolutely all over the place. From Frank Ocean’s puppet to Grimes’ Sci-Fi Warrier outfit, to AOC’s “Tax The Rich” gown this year’s Met Gala was one to see.

And who stood out amongst the crowd? Why, Kim Kardashian, of course.

When people expect something from you, the best way to maintain attention is to take that expectation and flip it on its head. Because Kim knows how to “break the internet,” Twitter went HAM on memes. 

Here’s a compilation of all the best memes made from Kim Kardashian and her attention-seeking outfit. 

If I woke up seeing that I’d have a very wet bed.

Definitely knock before entering.

Some people may be very disappointed when they unlock this character.

Me. So, so me.

Quick! Throw a Pokeball at it!

Best anti-social social outfit ever.

“dementor” is a little on the nose, no?

You know who had a way more impressive Met Gala appearance than Kim Kardashian? Lil Nas X.

Look at how shiny she is. You go on Lil Nas X, with your gay C-3PO look.

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