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All the Crazy Things That Happened in 2020



Writing all the crazy things that 2020 had brought us felt like creating a timeline for a binge-worthy series. One would re-think, “Wait. Did that happen? Are you sure?” The year flew by the entire world like a whirlwind. One thing for sure— it left us overwhelmed. Let’s chronologically go over all the crazy things that happened in 2020.

Literal Year of Fire (January-December)

The year started with a blaze. To be more precise, the Australian bushfire continued to burn from 2019 entering to 2020. As the new year enters, the skies turned red due to the ongoing fire, setting a mood perfect for an apocalyptic movie scene. However, this is the harsh reality, with real-life casualties. Of course, just the worst way to start the year. Furthermore, as if creating a domino chain of reaction, a wildfire started in California. After February’s first incident, wildfires ablaze different counties throughout 2020.

The Pandemic That Shook the World (January-December)

We’ve got to admit that the earliest cases of Covid-19 didn’t alarm us that much. Back to 2019, where we are all still oblivious as we enjoy our lives. The jokes on us as the virus caught us unprepared. Shocking? Not really. From the crazy ‘home remedies’ to fake news, the public’s misinformation exchange did not help. This pandemic instilled fear in our minds urging us to take action. Our year-long battle with the virus left us changing everything around us.

Massive Panic Buying (February)

The coronavirus outbreak caused the whole world to stockpile basic needs. 2020 is a year where the essential goods section gets wiped clean, while toilet paper becomes the hot new currency in some countries. People are in a crazy hoarding frenzy, eventually resulting in a Lysol shortage. Yep, anything to cope with fear.

World on Lockdown (February-December)

Our lives suddenly had a pause button after the worldwide lockdown. Different ways to spend all the free time suddenly became a trending topic. On another note, owners put their heads together to plan a pandemic proof business. Some even started a post-pandemic business like handmade facemask or potted plants.

Crashing Dow (March)

Diving is fun, but not if it’s about the stock market. The DJIA recorded the largest point plunge last March, closely following the world’s lockdown. Looking on the bright side, at least everyone’s safe inside?

Aliens Confirmed By the Government (April)

Remember that moment when the government released not one but three UFO videos? After the first leak of the videos, everyone was quick to claim it as a UFO. The Pentagon released videos of unexplained aerial phenomena. Admittedly, they wanted to clear up the ongoing debate whether the leak was real. We’ll take that as a confirmation for aliens, thank you.

Murder Hornets (May)

Murder hornets, almost like a title for a new action-packed thriller movie, debuted in the U.S. last May. Ever since its sighting, scientists embarked on a full hunt to eradicate the insects. Right, cause prevention is better than cure. Authorities sure did a great job as the ‘murder hornets’ kills up to 50 people per year in Japan. Good thing we avoided that lethal threat.

That Crazy Baby Name (May)

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, just created the craziest baby name with his partner Grimes. Everyone tilted their heads as the couple announced their baby boy’s name as X Æ A-12. Our first thought, “Cute. How do I pronounce that?” Thankfully, Musk saved us from using our brain cells as he explains it as X Ash A-12. It’s crazy in the most inventive way. In the end, to each his own.

Parallel Universe Hoax (May)

The long debate of having a multiverse resurfaced to the public after hearing a parallel universe where time flows backward exists next to ours. This news sparked curious minds resulting in articles after articles armored with thought-provoking content. However, numerous experts debunked the claim by explaining facts. Right, just a cold splash of reality for our sci-fi filled minds.

Locust Invasion (June)

Another natural disaster that seems like a blockbuster movie, invaded India’s capital, coined as the worst in decades. India’s response team had a hard time containing the swarmageddon, affecting almost half-dozen states.

Wearing Mask Becomes a Political Issue (July)

Half into the year, everyone is tired of all the crazy things in the first half of 2020. Numerous public meltdown and adult tantrum videos appeared one by one, enough to create a compilation. These anti-mask individuals claim it is their right, claiming to have breathing problems. One customer even called a store’s employees “democratic pigs.” Only in 2020 where masks get dragged into a political debate. Classy.

Missing Star (July)

The bright crystal blue star that the astronomers have been studying for two decades pulled a disappearing act. As the star quietly makes its exit, experts were left delightedly scratching their heads. After all, stars always leave with a bang.

Mysterious Seed Package (July)

As if visited by a seed fairy, unsolicited seed packages appeared in mails across 30 states. However, the mysterious packs look like a part of a brushing scam.

Firenado in California (August)

By this time, we’re all aware of 2020’s crazy schemes, for August— it’s a burning hot surprise. A rare fire tornado was spotted near a fire in California. Most people must have scratched their heads as they watched the news. One thing we learned from this: fire tornados are real.

An Extraterrestrial Discovery? (September)

We’re all aware of that ongoing debate of life forms on Mars. It seems like Venus got jealous and wanted to be the highlight of our 2020 extraterrestrial discussion. Experts discovered a chemical, phosphine, hinting at something alive hiding in the thick clouds of Venus.

Venom Caterpillar (October)

We had murder hornets, locust invasion, and now venom caterpillars. A long-existing species of caterpillar invaded Virginia. A weird crawling insect with hair-like spines that squirts venomous pus? That’s 2020 for you.

The Touring Monolith (November)

The first metal-clad monolith weirdly appeared in Utah on November 18. As if inspired by the mysterious phenomena, numerous monoliths appeared across the world. Some say this crazy occurrence might be an alien invasion or a hoax. Others call it a marketing strategy.

Virus Level Up (December)

The year is almost over, but nothing is stopping 2020. With all the craziness that happened, we often thought, “what now?” Oh, nothing much, just a new strain of the virus discovered. We all wish for it to be over. Reality says no. Now we all face a new threat that is quick to spread.

‘Christmas Star’ Reappearing After 800 Years (December)

To wrap up all the craziness with a star on top. Let’s end on a positive note as the first Christmas star in 800 years gave stargazers a treat as it shines bright on the 21st of December. Who else missed this once in a lifetime event?

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Symbrosia Is Using Seaweed To Fight Climate Change



Seaweed is going to save the world? What is Symbrosia going on about? 

Cows and methane are major problems in terms of their effect on climate. Methane is highly effective in keeping greenhouse gases within our atmosphere. Cows fart methane. The more cows, the more methane. The more methane, the direr our situation. 

Many have suggested cutting beef out of our diets in order to combat this problem. I don’t know if you’ve gotten to know America, but we will cling to our cheeseburgers until the world burns to the ground. 

Mmm, taste the char on that burger, patriot. 

Thankfully, Symbrosia is here to say, “Don’t worry, Mr. Stubborn America, you can keep eating your beef. Instead, how about we change what the cows eat?” 

Change what the cows eat, change the world, no burgers missed. What Symbrosia has found is a win-win scenario for action on climate. 

Meet Alexia Akbay, Founder and CEO

Alexia Akbay founded Symbrosia in 2018 and is the current CEO. Always passionate about the environment, Akbay saw an opportunity and ran with it. 

[We were] founded … on the back of some really cutting edge research out of Australia that showed that supplementing the diet of cattle and dairy cows with a specific red seaweed asparagopsis taxiformis that reduces their methane emissions by over 90 percent.

“The issue at the time was that this seaweed was not commercially grown prior and there were no methods to do so.

“So, Symbrosia was founded on this problem that we were going to develop production technologies and conventional supporting technology to scale this industry and create carbon-neutral beef and dairy.”

The species of seaweed Symbrosia is farming for cattle feed is called Asparagopsis taxiformis

All About Aspargopsis Taxiformis

Asparagopsis taxiformis, also known as “red algae,” is a seaweed species found in tropical to warm temperate waters. It’s an edible seaweed and one of the more popular types of limu (general Polynesian term for edible underwater plants). 

In the Hawaiian language it’s known as Limu kohu, or “pleasing seaweed.” It has a bitter taste, and is a common ingredient in poke. Who doesn’t like poke? 

In short, you can eat it. So, why not let cows eat it too? 

How Does Seaweed Reduce Methane Emissions?

Symbrosia has done their homework. They’re the kid in class always raising their hand and getting “As” but they’re also really likeable and are also somehow really good at sports and the lead in the play and make it all look so easy. 

Screw them, right? jk lol. 

There have been no shortage of studies proving A. taxiformis’ effectiveness in reducing methane emissions. One study, Kinley 2020, found that red algae induced enteric (relating to or occurring in the intestines… read a biology book, why don’t you?) methane mitigation. In lamens terms, it made cows fart less. It also found that the productivity in cattle had improved significantly. 

We’re seeing higher milk yield in dairy cattle [by as much as] 15 percent. And then beef cattle we’re seeing faster growth because that energy isn’t being released from the animal.

I, too, notice that I am more productive and energetic when I’m less gassy. Who wants to work when they’re embarrassingly gassy, right? Diet plays a critical role there. Turns out that seaweed, like A. taxiformis, is far healthier than typical cattle feed. 

How Do You Farm Seaweed?

There is a specific way to farm seaweed, and it ain’t difficult. 

We only need saltwater, nutrients from the sun, and the nutrients that we can utilize from waste resources. So, in terms of its impact on the environment in general, it’s one of the most sustainable crops you could grow.”

On top of that, productivity per acre is extremely high. It’s over 10x that of any traditional [crop] – like soy, corn, or other feeds – that we commonly use.

When it comes to farming seaweed, it’s mostly been for humans. If you’ve ever eaten miso soup at a Japanese restaurant – that leafy green thing floating around ain’t lettuce. 

As we search for creative, sustainable means to combat climate change, seaweed has increasingly become a part of the solution. 

We believe that we’re kind of at this really interesting inflection point for algae producers because historically algae is mostly produced for human nutraceuticals, so health benefits or other markets where algae or seaweed is more culturally relevant in food. 

“We’re really seeing this inflex in lots of startups in our space that recognize the sustainable properties of seaweed as a crop and using those for industrial applications, which is cool.

How Symbrosia Is Using All of This To Save Our World

We need action on climate change. One major challenge is combatting all of the methane released from cattle. Since America looooooves its beef, it’s hard to imagine the country taking on a vegan diet. Symbrosia is the first of its kind to offer a solution so perfectly suited to this situation. 

We are the first commercial entity that is out there to start this seaweed [production]. And we’ve proven that in a number of the initial proof points so far – first commercial trials, first scaled production. 

“It’s been a really great journey and we’re continuing to grow.”

Symbrosia is in exactly the right climate for this kind of success. As our situation becomes increasingly dire, as does the popularity for taking part in efforts to effectively combat it. 

“I think that the climate catastrophe is becoming super in everyone’s face – whether it’s on television, social media, or talking to your friends – I think more and more Americans and the global population is recognizing that climate change is real

“We have to make significant efforts, mass significant efforts to save our species on the planet.

Outside of providing sustainable, healthy, environment-friendly feed, Symbrosia also has a carbon offset program where you can offset your personal emissions. Or gift it to your favorite environmental activist (hint hint holidays are coming up hint hint).

What’s Next For Symbrosia

Next year, Symbrosia will be scaling up bigger and better. 

We’re scaling up production, scaling up the duration, size, and number of commercial trials, and bringing Asparagopsis taxiformis to market. The next year is going to be a huge one for Symbrosia and the nascent asparagopsis industry.”

Expect to hear more from Symbrosia. They are taking on the battle for our climate and doing it with a chill, confident, and infectious smile. These are the folks you want working to make our world a better place.

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Mental Wellness



We’ve got another Holiday Gift Guide for y’all! We know that 2021 isn’t much less stressful than 2020. And now that the holidays are coming up we need help more than ever. This season, give yourself (or a loved one in need of coping mechanisms) these mental wellness gifts. Here is our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for mental wellness. 

1. CalmiGo

If you’re an asthmatic with anxiety, this product will seem familiar. CalmiGo is essentially an inhaler for panic attacks. With calming lights and a lavender scent, you can calm yourself in three minutes. That’s one whole song. Who can’t endure one song in order to calm yourself? Say goodbye to panicked breathing into a paper bag like a comedy movie from the 1980s. Say hello to CalmiGo. 

Buy it now for $199

2. Komuso Design

What looks like a styled piece of jewelry is actually a breathing exerciser… I think. After some scrolling through and hunting for how this necklace is supposed to work, the site tells you that “most people don’t breathe properly.” (What is “proper” breathing? Sounds like it involves a corset, no?) Komuso’s Shift helps you breathe by placing what looks like a whistle into your mouth and … breathe. Shifts are available “for her” and “for him” (because, as we all know, breathing is gendered). 

At best, you can use it as a thing to play with if you’re the kind of person who needs to fidget. 

Buy it now for $85

3. Somnox

Is it a pillow? Is it a stuffed animal (or amoeba?) Am I going to be cuddling with it? You bet. The Somnox is a Sleeping Robot that helps regulate your breathing as you sleep. Anyone who battles insomnia (anyone with anxiety) will love this adorable little cuddle bug. Just look at it! I’m immediately relaxed for that perfectly snuggleable buddy. 

Get on the waiting list now

4. Gravity Weighted Chunky Knit Blanket

There’s nothing like a great blanket in the dead of winter. Gravity Weighted Chunky Knit Blanket sounds warm already. I don’t even care to read more. Sold. It comes in the comfortable named colors olive, winter white, and grey (if you can’t find the comfort in “grey,” you’re not going to make it through winter, sorry). 

Buy it now for $229

5. Gradient Signe Floor and Table Lamp

The right lighting can make a big difference in terms of mental wellness. Don’t believe me? Then why do they have a dimmer setting? Hm? Riddle me that, smart guy. The Gradient Signe Floor and Table Lamp is a stylish lamp so minimal that you barely notice it’s there. This light seamlessly blends colors from one to the next. One look at it and I already feel soothed. 

Buy it now for $299

6. Acupuncture Mat

No, it’s not the bed of needles you’ll see in an Arabian marketplace. This Acupuncture Mat gently stimulates across the body so effectively that you can’t help but relax. Anyone with aches and pains will find immediate comfort in this bubble-wrap-looking mat. 

Buy it now for $65

7. Cefaly

Anyone who has ever had a migraine knows just how bad it can be. Some people have a routine for how to deal with them. This cute little device, Cefaly, has electrodes you stick to your head. This is a “consult your doctor” kind of device, but, hey, when you have a migraine, you’ll grab anything to prevent and/or treat it. 

Buy it now for $379

8. Muse 2

People who struggle with anxiety usually benefit from meditation. But anyone who has tried meditation is well aware of how difficult it can be to obtain that encompassing sense of silence. The Muse 2 is here to lend a helping hand that provides real time feedback on brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movement. 

Buy it now for $249

Hope you liked what we picked for our holiday gift guide for mental wellness. Check out our other Holiday Gift Guides for 2021!

Happy Holidays and Be Safe!

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8 Office Supply Gifts To Help Your Productivity



Productivity can be a fickle thing. As we gradually return to the office from our homes, we may have to readjust our productivity behaviors. What better way to get into a productive mood than some fresh new office supply gifts! Here are some of our favorite supplies to get excited about heading back to the office. 

Harber London NOMAD Leather iPad Pro Organizer

Who doesn’t love the smell of new leather? The Harber London NOMAD Leather iPad Pro Organizer is a classy, upscale way to keep all of your favorite electronics organized and cozy in their fine leather pouches. You’ll be the envy of all of your office mates with this beautiful leather organizer. 

Buy it here for £299.00

Acera Harmony Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Ceramic Core

How are you going to be productive if you don’t have your coffee? The Acera Harmony Stainless Steel Travel Mug is a beautiful way to keep your coffee nice and hot for up to six hours. With stainless steel on the outside and a ceramic core, you can guarantee that you won’t be missing your caffeine fix as you get to work. 

Buy it here for $99.00

Jelbows Comfortable Gel Elbow Desk Pad Collection

Your elbows don’t have to experience discomfort while you’re at the office. With Jelbows, you can comfortably rest your elbows on this sleek, modest design. When you’re comfortable at work, you’ll be far more in the mood to get things accomplished. 

Buy it here for $21.49

Royole RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Digital Notebook

This is some next-level notetaking. The Royole RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Digital Notebook simultaneously captures your handwritten ideas, notes, and drawings on the paper digitally. If you’re into traditional handwritten notes, this notebook seamlessly bridges the gap. 

Buy it here for $129.99

Zero Gravity Cushions Posture Correction Seat

Don’t let your spine take all the heat. Sit up properly! Sometimes we can forget to do our backs that favor. The Zero Gravity Cushions ensure that you sit up and keep your spine healthy and happy. This cushion is so comfortable, you’ll hardly notice it. 

Buy it here for $109

Batelier Handicraft Wood Cable Organizer

All of these wires can be a real mess, right? Not anymore. The Batelier Handicraft Wood Cable Organizer keeps all of your various cables organized in this classy wooden holder. Never leave your cables tangled up again. 

Buy it here for $49.00

Luma³ Relaxation Cube 

If you don’t give yourself a chance to relax, you’ll never truly be productive. The Luma³ Relaxation Cube sits with you while you’re at work, gently illuminating when it’s time to give yourself a break. With simple breathing exercises, you can ensure that you keep your sanity as you work through the day. 

Buy it here for £54.00

In order to be our most productive selves, we have to make sure we’re totally there for the work. What helps us get in the mood is fresh new office supply gifts so we can hit the ground running in the new year!

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