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9 Mental Health Apps You Need To Check Out



mental health

Everyone needs a mental health day, right? How about more than a day? How about a lifestyle change? Are there mental health apps for that?

Our mental health has never been more critical and, thankfully, never been taken more seriously. Once people eventually realized that taking care of your mental state is just as important as your physical health, more and more have finally taken the necessary steps to heal. One effective and convenient method of keeping your mental health on the up and up is an app.

  1. Talkspace
  2. Moodfit
  3. MoodMission
  4. Sanvello
  5. Headspace
  6. Happify
  7. Shine
  8. notOK
  9. MoodKit

1. Talkspace

Here is the Coca-Cola of the mental health apps available. All you need to do is download the app, answer a few screening questions, pick your therapist, and then get to work. It’s an incredibly intuitive app and makes the entire process (which can be very scary for people) totally nonthreatening. 

Talkspace allows instant online chat, video, or phone with the therapist of your choice. No sitting in a waiting room, no sifting through lists of psychologists to see who accepts your insurance. Just pull out your phone and hit your therapist up for a healthy chat. 

“For the most part, we liked Talkspace’s sign-up process as it felt more personal, and we liked the opportunity to take a more direct role in choosing our therapists.”opencounseling.com


Voted Best Overall Mental Health App 2020 and 2021, Moodfit acknowledges that mental health is an extremely personal journey and that every patient requires a specified process. This app provides a customizable set of tools to make your mental health journey entirely your own. 

The app works by allowing users to select daily goals to complete and an accompanying activity that helps complete that goal. You also have a mood journal, gratitude journal, meditation and breathing exercises, sleep and lifestyle trackers, and so much more. Anything you need to take detailed notes on your mental health state. 

“This app literally feels like a miracle. 2 days into my 7 day free trial of the membership, I was sold. I can track my moods and sleep, check off daily goals (and set reminders to do them!), see trends over time and see how they correlate with other variables, record thought distortions and challenge them, ground myself back from a panic attack, practice daily gratitude, and more.”itskristint

3. MoodMission

Some of us need more convincing that taking care of your mental health is worth the effort. MoodMission provides evidence-based Missions to improve your health. For every answer the app gives there is scientifically-backed evidence to explain in full detail why it’s an effective method of therapy. 

“I realized that MoodMission would be useful for those times when I was in need of self-care but felt too busy or stressed to prioritize it. With this app, all I would need to do is take a few minutes out of my day no matter where I was.” – oktotalk.com.au

4. Sanvello

Sanvello, originally named Pacifica, was originally designed for people struggling with depression and anxiety but has since expanded to be a full physical and mental health tracker. Like many of these apps, there are meditation exercises and mood trackers of sorts. 

But, unlike the other apps, your therapist can have their own account as well. Patients can upload their information and therapists can keep track of it. This kind of collaboration between therapist and patient through an app allows for a more detailed, accurate, and measurable kind of therapy that only serves to help. 

“[Sanvello] relies on mainstream respected psychological practices: cognitive-behavioral correcting of erroneous or unduly catastrophizing or insistent thinking, mindfulness, visualizations, self-tracking, goal-setting, and the option for peer support — all for free or, with the paid version, for less than a session or two of therapy.” Psychology Today 

5. Headspace

One aspect of mental health care is quieting your mind. Anyone with anxiety would scoff at the idea of a “quiet mind.” But Headspace has tools and methods that can take even the most on-edge, anxious person and make them meditate like a Buddhist monk. 

If you’ve never tried or even considered meditation, Headspace is a great way to start. It provides users with basic instructions on mindfulness and walks them through. More advanced meditators might find this a little repetitive as the app seems to focus mostly on beginners. 

“Headspace is the best meditation app we tried. We think its more structured courses – which give you the experience of taking an in-person class, but one that you can do anywhere – will get beginning meditators started and help them maintain the habit. The app also offers short meditations for emergencies or the occasional random quiet moment. We prefer Headspace’s design too, which includes a warm interface that has fun illustrations and a well-organized library of courses.”NYTimes

6. Happify

Taking care of your mental health doesn’t have to be a depressing bore, it can be fun! Happify provides scientifically-based tasks and games that measure your emotional well-being. Think of Happify as a tool to help increase your happiness in a fun, engaging way!

Unlike a few of these other apps, Happify can be used for people as young as teenagers. Anyone who’s dealt with a depressed teenager may want to take a look at Happify as a tool to help them out. 

“Initially, I was skeptical about the use of Happify for my own personal use, but I enjoyed using this app. The features did seem too simple, but then I read the research behind each activity and found myself more engaged than I expected. My favorite part were activities which brought me forward to mindfulness.”Ellen Belluomini, Ph.D., MSW

7. Shine

Mental health journeys are undoubtedly personal. Shine knows this and aims to make your digital mental health experience as personalized as possible. With daily meditations aimed at people of all experiences, Shine helps you calm your anxiety effectively and personally. 

Shine was inspired by the lack of mental health options for underserved communities such as women, POC and indigenous peoples, and LGBT communities. These are people who, more often than not, do not see themselves reflected in mental health efforts. And so, Shine was launched to be there for people who have felt pushed to the side or cannot find a therapist who can relate to their situations. 

“Along with the audio tracks, Shine sends inspirational images and relevant educational articles through messaging. Shine also notifies the user daily for a check-in where the user types a gratitude list and self-care goal.”One Mind PsyberGuide

8. notOK

It’s okay to not be okay. One of the most difficult parts of tackling your mental health issues is admitting to yourself and others that you are, in fact, not okay. notOK aims to make that part easy for you. Like a panic button, notOK hooks you up with some immediate support.

Like Talkspace, notOK connects you with someone amongst your friends and family that you trust to talk to. When you’re having a hard time, all you need to do is push that button and whoever is in your circle will come quickly to support you. 

“One important message I’d give to parents of teens and tweens who will use this app: choose that trusted circle of friends and family together. And if your child receives a request to be in the trusted circle, make sure they’re committed (and prepared) to follow through if they receive an SOS alert.”Katie Etue, Cool Mom Tech

9. MoodKit

The one thing that you can’t find in a standard First Aid Kit are tools to help your mind. That’s where MoodKit steps in. This one of a kind app is designed to aid in your application of coping mechanisms in your mental health journey. 

MoodKit, using four integrated tools, helps you work on bringing your mood up, identify and work on unhealthy habits or feelings, keep track of your progress with a 1-10 mood scale, and allow you to keep a journal of your progress for your own peace of mind. 

“It’s like having your own portable psychologist … packed with tools designed to improve not just your mood, but also your overall well-being.” 

Whatever you choose will be based entirely on your struggles, your situation, and your goals. What’s critical is not necessarily which app you choose, but that you take your mental health as seriously as your physical health. There’s absolutely no shame in being honest about mental difficulties. You’re far better off taking that leap to better health than keeping it inside for fear of judgement. 

Mental health matters, make sure you make yours matter.

Chris Blondell is a Philadelphia-based writer and social media strategist with a current focus on tech industry news. He has written about startups and entrepreneurs based in Denver, Seattle, Chicago, New Haven, and more. He has also written content for a true-crime blog, Sword and Scale, and developed social media content for a local spice shop. An occasional comedian, Chris Blondell also spends his time writing humorous content and performing stand-up for local audiences.

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10 Best Fitness Equipment of 2024



woman holding kettlebell

Starting your fitness journey this year will be your wisest decision. Whether you visit your nearby gym or do it at home, using the right exercise equipment is crucial. But don’t go overboard when you’re doing the latter! Our fitness buffs have your back! We’ve tried some of the best fitness equipment of 2024, and here’s our list.

1. Fitness watch

Getting a fitness watch should be your first tool when starting your fitness journey. It lets you record your daily activities, check the calories burned, remind you to move, and track everything you do—even your heart rate! Apple offers fitness watches that also sync with your phone, but here are some affordable ones on Amazon:

Fitbit Sense 2 – $299.95

Garmin Epix Pro – $1,099.99

2. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are portable and affordable if you’re always on the go. They promote strength training and also improve stability. 

Fit Simplify – $9.95

WSAKOUE Resistance Bands – $29.99

3. Kettblebells

If you frequent home workouts, getting a kettlebell can let you exercise with less fitness equipment. It can improve strength, power, and endurance. Kettlebells are excellent for developing overall fitness. 

Amazon Cast Iron Kettlebell – $17.40

WeGym Soft Kettlebells – $169.99

4. Pull-up bar

A pull-up bar is one of the best fitness equipment at home. It’s convenient, and you can move it around. This is also great if you want to work on your upper body strength. 

Ally Peaks Pull-up Bar – $31.89

Sportneer Pull-up Bar – $39.99

5. Exercise bike

If you’re willing to invest in extensive fitness equipment, an exercise bike should be one of the first things to get. It offers multiple benefits, primarily working on your cardiovascular fitness! Getting on an exercise bike every morning, even for 30 minutes daily. This fitness tool is excellent for strengthening your legs and burning calories!

Yosuda Exercise Bike – $249.99

Ativafit Folding Exercise Bike – $365.49

6. Treadmill

If you’re fond of running, getting a treadmill is a way to do it regularly. Sometimes, weather conditions prevent you from going outside to run. With a treadmill on standby, you can do it anytime while watching TV, listening to music, or watching over your children.

Umay Folding Treadmill – $319.99

NordicTrack T Series – $2,999

7. Rowing machine

If there is one fitness equipment I make a beeline for at my local gym, it’s a rowing machine. This equipment might seem simple, but a few rows on this bad boy will leave you feeling like you ran for miles. A rowing machine is excellent for endurance training and a great full-body workout. 

Yosuda Rowing Machine – $299.99

Snode Rowing Machine – $399.99

8. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the most versatile fitness equipment you can have around the house. Whether you’re doing circuits or weightlifting, dumbbells will surely elevate your workout routine. You can perform different kinds of exercise programs with dumbbells! Plus, it helps you gain muscles, lose weight, and boost your overall health. 

Amazon Basics Dumbbells – $14.93

ProForm Dumbbell Set – $299

9. Step platform

Using a step platform is a form of low-impact workout. This could be a cardio workout alternative if you’re worried about regular jogging or running impacting your joints. It works both your upper and lower body strength!

Yes4All Step Platform – $48.99

Yes4All Step Platform – $18.99

10. Yoga mat

You can’t start your fitness journey without a yoga mat. Getting one lets you perform exercises wherever, whenever! This is an excellent fitness companion for your cooldown exercises or stretching routines. 

Amazon Basics Yoga Mat – $20.19

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat – $136.76

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10 Best Robot Vacuums of 2024



robot vacuum

Getting a reliable robot vacuum means you can lay around on your couch while the cleaner does the heavy lifting! Our team searched high and low for the best robot vacuum, and we can say we enjoyed testing them! Here are our top 10 picks for the robot vacuums of 2024. 

1. iRobot Roomba j7+

The Roomba j7+ is the best robot vacuum overall. It features self-emptying capabilities, intelligent navigation, and an easy-to-use app. Despite being loud and having average battery life, it recognizes up to 80 household objects, ensuring your home gets cleaned while avoiding cords and shoes. PrecisionVision Navigation and the P.O.O.P. guarantee add to its appeal.


2. iRobot Roomba s9+

We all agree that this is the best robot vacuum for pet hair. It features a D-shaped design for corner cleaning, exceptional suction power, and an auto-empty base. Though expensive and with average battery life, it offers 40 times power-lifting suction, 30% wider dual multi-surface rubber brushes, and Dirt Detect technology for tackling excessive pet hair and dirt.


3. Eufy S1 Pro

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum with powerful suction, look no further. The Eufy S1 Pro boasts an 8,000PA suction and self-washing mop head for unparalleled cleaning efficiency. Intelligent mapping ensures precision, while speed and effectiveness set it apart. Despite being expensive and loud, its cutting-edge self-cleaning technology and power make it a top-tier choice.


  • $999 on Kickstarter

4. Shark ION AV751

If you need a robot vacuum on a tight budget, the Shark ION AV751 is for you. This robot vacuum offers excellent suction power and a 120-minute run time. Its tri-brush system and stair/cliff edge detection make it efficient. Alexa and Google Assistant integration adds convenience, making it a manageable option for those seeking simplicity.


5. Neato Botvac D8

The Neato D8, known for its D-shaped design, excels in corner cleaning and advanced mapping. Ideal for smaller homes, it offers 100-minute battery life and a lidar for space mapping. The app supports no-go zones and scheduling, though it can’t map multiple floors and may climb low furniture and ledges.


6. Bobsweep PetHair Vision

Designed for pet owners, this vacuum excels at pet hair removal and offers smart navigation and mopping capabilities. Its quiet operation and three-inch height allow easy cleaning under furniture. With longer battery life, it efficiently covers large areas. The drawback? Its cleaning schedule may reset unexpectedly, and customer service follow-through can be slow.


7. Dreame X30 Ultra

This best 2-in-1 vacuum and mop offers quiet, self-emptying, dual oscillating mop heads and MopExtend mop pads. Although it has an app that’s not very user-friendly and is expensive with recurring costs, it provides comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces. Its multi-functional base station and 8300PA suction power ensure efficient home maintenance.


8. Samsung Jet Bot AI+

If you don’t mind the bulky size, the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ is a good robot vacuum option. Its self-cleaning base adds convenience. This robot vacuum has an attractive design and advanced AI for obstacle avoidance.


9. Dyson 360 Heurist

The Dyson 360 Heurist offers exceptional cleaning power with solid suction and intelligent mapping. This premium robot vacuum reaches edges effectively, thanks to its motorized brush. Though slow to set up, its precise map fine-tuning and methodical cleaning make it a top choice.


10. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Nothing is more self-sufficient than this all-in-one robot vacuum. It’s self-cleaning, self-emptying, self-washing, self-drying, and self-refilling! Plus, it uses VibraRise mopping and customizable cleaning routines.


$949.99 on Amazon

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BedStory® 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress




Do you need a good night’s sleep but your mattress is ruining that? It’s time to find a brand-new mattress to relieve yourself of the stress of the day and doze off without a hitch. Learn more about the Bedstory 12-inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress and what people think about the product here!


wave hybrid mattress
Image source: BedStory

BedStory has helped millions of sleepers get quality sleep with their mattresses, pillows, and toppers. Since 1983, the company has sold its products to over 90+ countries. Plus, they ensure that only state-of-the-art technology makes it to their products to improve people’s sleep. Additionally, their product line is made in the USA, ensuring quality standards are met every time new products are manufactured.


bed specs

Price: $369.99 to 559.99 (tax included)

Mattress Sizes

The BedStory Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. Plus, it comes in 12 or 14-inch sizes, too.

Mattress Layers

Have a restful sleep with six layers of comfort. The soft-knit fabric is on top that helps your mattress breathe. Plus, it keeps you cool while you sleep. It has a fire-resistant barrier and the gel bamboo charcoal memory foam. Plus, it has high-density foam, pocket springs, and base foam.

Lumbar Support

Have terrible back pain and want to alleviate it during sleep? BedStory has lumbar support embedded in its mattress. Pocket coils and orthopedic foam act as lumbar support while you slumber. 

Cooler and More Refreshing Sleep

Their memory foam infuses gel and bamboo, making it feel cool on your body as you sleep soundly. It’s also made out of knitted fabric to let the mattress breathe. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about odors since it has moisture-wicking and odor-reducing properties. Plus, it also dissipates heat.

Motion Isolation

Do you or your partner toss and turn all night long and can’t get a wink of sleep? BedStory reduces the noise of joints shuffling all around. It’s all because the springs absorb any noise that could disturb your slumber.

Mattress Expansion

Since this is a bed in a box, it will take time for your brand-new mattress to expand to its original state. The BedStory mattress expands within 48 to 72 hours.

Delivery, Warranty, and Return

Expect your brand-new BedStory Mattress to arrive within 2 to 5 business days! The wait will all be worth it once it arrives at your doorstep.

Your BedStory Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress will have a 10-year warranty.

Regarding returns, you can try sleeping on the new mattress for 30 nights’ worth of sleep. However, if you’re not fully satisfied with the mattress, a return is possible within a 100-night window.


You’ll be safe and sound when sleeping on a BedStory mattress since it’s CetriPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Certified. This ensures that you’re sleeping on a mattress without any harmful chemicals.

Recommended Bedframes

BedStory suggests that you can place the memory foam mattress on a platform, box spring, or slatted frame bedframe for an optimized sleeping experience. You want to make sure that you’re putting the bed on a solid bedframe to let the mattress expand properly and let you sleep without any disruptions.

The Ideal Sleepers

woman sleeping

Like many products, the mattress isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Not everyone will enjoy their slumber with this mattress. However, it’s good to know who’ll love sleeping in this bed all day long.

  • Light and sensitive sleepers
  • Babies
  • Elders
  • People experiencing regular joint aches and pains

Maintaining The BedStory Mattress

woman making the bed

Most beds last seven to ten years. After all, it’s expensive to change mattresses regularly. During your sleep tenure with BedStory, you can care for it to make your mattress last long. Here are tips from BedStory to help you maintain the mattress.

  • Don’t eat on the bed
  • Use a vacuum to remove dirt or debris
  • Spot clean stains using detergent
  • Put a mattress protector
  • Rotate the mattress to avoid further wear and tear. Rotate it every 3 to 6 months
  • Air out the mattress
  • Don’t jump on the bed

What Do Sleepers Think?


BedStory sleepers love the mattress firmness. It’s medium-firm, so if you’re looking for something soft, you’re better off buying a mattress topper to make it soft. Plus, some sleepers find it easy to sleep faster. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about aches and pains upon waking up or during the middle of the night.

However, BedStory isn’t for everyone. For instance, some sleepers find that the mattress doesn’t expand or inflate to its actual size. Other sleepers say that firmness isn’t enough for them. Plus, other sleepers experience aches and pains while sleeping on this mattress.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the BEST mattress is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. The BedStory Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress could be the next mattress to grace your bedframe. Many sleepers rave over the mattress since they sleep easier, faster, and better. Plus, some experience less or no pain upon waking up, which is a game-changer for many sleepers. Finally, it’s value for money considering the specs. You don’t need to change your mattress regularly. Plus, you can return the mattress if it’s not a good fit!

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