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Top 10 “Done-for-You” Services You May Not Have Heard About




Entrepreneurs are now embracing the next big thing in outsourcing called “done-for-you services.” When a product or a service completes a routine with minimal prompt, it falls under this type of service. We all know about meal ordering, taxi ordering, and task-ordering kinds of services. They help us automate the things we need to do in just one click. So, what are the top 10 done-for-you services that entrepreneurs may not be aware of? 

1. Reduce your emails.

ipad and phone
Credit: Unroll

Unsubscribe, keep, or roll up your email subscription with a few clicks using the Gmail extension Unroll.me. “It’s a lifesaver,” says author Robbie Abed. It reduced his emails by 70 to 80 percent without deleting any important emails. With Unroll.me, you can unsubscribe from irrelevant emails, keep the ones you need, and roll the rest into a single digest. 

2. Add captions to your videos.

screenshot of rev website

Recording a video and captioning it is such a daunting task. It’s one of the most boring things to do. Thankfully, there’s Rev.com, a website service that can add a caption, transcriptions, and subtitles to your audio and video projects. With packages starting at $1 per minute, you can get your captioned videos within 24 hours. Afterward, you can add the file to YouTube, Facebook, etc. Whether a small business or Fortune 500, Rev is a helpful tool to maximize your content, make your brand visible, and grow your audience. 

3. Block telemarketers for life.

screenshot of robokiller website

RoboKiller is a tool that automatically picks up all your calls and blocks telemarketers, robocalls, and other spammers, forever. Unlike other call-blocking solutions, the RoboKiller app uses a predictive spam call-blocking algorithm that carefully analyzes each incoming call before it rings your phone. It can determine whether the call is a spam in less than a millisecond.

4. Cook your meal to perfection.

Credit: June

Most of us know about food delivery apps, but sometimes you want to cook something perfectly. The 12-in-one June Intelligent Oven features a sensor that can perfectly cook your meals. It will automatically detect your food and recommend the perfect cooking time. 

5. Perfect pet feeding 

screenshot of wireless whiskers website

Good news, there’s automatic pet feeding in town! Wireless Whiskers is a pet feeder for a maximum of eight pets. Why would you have eight pets? No idea? But if you do, this will save you a LOT of time. It’s smart too because it locks out sure pets from certain foods or when they’ve met their daily intake, so you have complete control over your pets’ diets.

6. Fold your laundry.

screenshot of foldimate website

Does folding laundry take a lot of your time? There could be a solution for that soon. Giant robot FoldiMate is perfect for you. It’s not launched yet, but you can always dream about someone else folding your laundry. We’re sure that it will be one of the top 10 done-for-you services everyone will love when it’s launched.

7. Mow your lawn on autopilot.

screenshot of robin autopilot website

Lawn mowing is another common task that nearly everyone hates. The team at Robin Autopilot gets it. They created the Roomba for grass cutting. This robot can mow your lawn daily and park itself in its charging station. Crazy right? Don’t worry about maintenance or security because the company handles everything.

8. Re-order something as you discard it.

Credit: Venturebeat

GeniCan is a “smart garbage can” which attaches to your garbage can and recycling bin. Through Genican, you can create your shopping list as you use up and throw away the current items in your home. Scan or speak the items and you’ll be all set.

9. Negotiate your bills. 

screenshot of truebill website

Do you know how you get overcharged for your phone and internet bills without fail every single time? Then, you need to try the app Truebill. If you pay for the premium service, it will negotiate the account for you. Click a button, and it’s done. 

10. Read Twitter threads with ease. 

screenshot of threadreader website

Don’t you love manually expanding Twitter threads to read the whole conversation? Luckily someone created a bot called Thread Reader which will unroll the entire Twitter thread by mentioning the Twitter handle and the keyword “unroll.” It’s one of the top 10-done-for-you services if you loving reading tea on Twitter threads.

Some of these services are an overstatement. But they were created for a purpose. That is to increase your productivity. Busy people like entrepreneurs are more likely to subscribe to these services or purchase these products to make their lives easier.

And for other news and stories, read more here at Owner’s Mag!

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Why Climate Startups Will Takeover The World



thermometer on sand

Climate change is a huge problem. But it’s also a massive opportunity for some people, particularly climate startups.

The latest United Nations (UN) climate report predicts “unprecedented heatwaves, terrifying storms, widespread water shortages and the extinction of a million species of plants and animals.” In a video message for International Mother Earth Day on April 22, 2022, UN Secretary-General António Guterres spoke about the Earth’s current triple crisis: (1) climate disruption, (2) nature and biodiversity loss, and (3) pollution and waste.

So how can we survive this? Well, with some help from the climate startups of tomorrow—that’s how. The world is already seeing a boom in these climate tech unicorns, focusing on everything from renewable energy sources to green transportation options. But they’re not just trying to save the planet; they’re also trying to protect people’s health and livelihoods.

Climate change startups are a great place to get in on the ground floor of what could be one of the most relevant technological trends of the next decade.

Climate startups to Lookout for in 2022

cardboard with text

Let’s look at a few of our favorite climate change startup ideas, which also made it to CB Insight’s top 10 lists in Quarter 2. 

A $750 million investment in Intersect Power was the biggest deal in climate startups in Q2. Intersect Power is a clean energy provider offering its clients cutting-edge, scalable low-carbon solutions in the retail and wholesale energy sectors.

They create and own some of the most incredible sustainable energy resources in the world, which they use to supply low-carbon fuels, power, and other goods to consumers in North America. They will use the money to eventually integrate the creation and storage of clean energy with the development of green hydrogen and direct air capture.

With a $535 million Series D funding, electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili is also making a mark on the top climate tech startups list. In recent years, governments and automakers have promoted electric vehicles as a crucial technology to reduce oil consumption and combat climate change worldwide. 

Funding for such technologies contributes significantly to ensuring that vehicle emissions will dramatically reduce once most of the world’s population has access to clean-energy-powered transportation options.

Also on the climate tech VC list of promising climate tech startups 2022 is UK-based newcleo. Newcleo, a clean and secure nuclear technology business, is developing an innovative generation of lead-cooled reactors. In the second quarter of 2022, they were able to secure $316 million in Series A capital.

According to a press release published by newcleo on June 19, 2022, the funds they were able to raise “will be instrumental to accelerate newcleo’s overall growth and its strategic expansion into manufacturing nuclear fuel for its new-generation reactors from existing waste produced by traditional reactors.”

Solar, photovoltaic, and off-grid energy tech on the rise

Included in the list of best climate startups is Chinese solar manufacturer Gokin Solar who raised $251 million in a Series A round. Gokin Solar concentrates on the R&D and production of large-size silicon wafers with a high photovoltaic conversion efficiency. The business is situated in Zhuhai, China, and was founded in 2019.

On the other hand, German solar and heat pump installer 1Komma5 raised $218 million in Series A capital for its line of energy technologies that support CO2-neutral housing. They provide photovoltaic systems for producing clean electricity, solar power storage units for storing as much electricity as possible, heat pumps for producing sustainable heat, and solutions for charging electric vehicles.

Kenyan off-grid energy supplier, Sun King, closed a $216 million Series D deal. For the 1.8 billion people who today lack access to reliable energy, Sun King develops, distributes, delivers, and funds solar home energy products. The company has already served 82 million people, primarily in Asia and Africa.

It goes without saying that climate change requires us to think outside the box and find solutions before it’s too late. Hopefully, the tech industry can keep offering ingenious solutions that will help us take better care of the planet we call home.

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Top 10 Pet Tech Products That Might Make You Say Nay or Yay




Pet parents know the responsibilities that come with caring for their furry children. And that some of them would wish they could understand their fur babies. Pet tech is available on the market to make their lives easier. But some pet tech that may leave a dent in your wallet, and you’re probably better off with all your current tools in caring for, grooming, or understanding your pets. Here are the top 10 pet tech ideas that raise eyebrows or make you say, “take my wallet!”

1. Inupathy


Do you ever wonder what your dog’s mental condition can be? Well, the Inupathy can do that for you. Inupathy promises that it will help you understand your dog’s mental state. With the accompanying app, you can recognize your doggo’s behavioral patterns. Plus, you can share this data with your friends too.

2. Petvation


Here’s an example of a top 10 pet tech that will make you wonder why it’s created. Petvation is a facial recognition software attached to the pet door you install in your home. It tries to keep other pesky four-legged creatures out of your home, allowing only your fur babies to enter through the pet door.

3. Groomatic


This pet tech is for cats. Groomatic is a petting tool for fluffier cats, whether their coat is short or long. However, spending $200+ on a petting tool may not exactly be an investment. You might want to skip buying the tool and make do with the best grooming tool you have: your hand.

4. Lavviebot S

lavviebot s

The Lavviebot S made it to this top 10 pet tech list. But this one doesn’t warrant any eyebrow raises, though, and it’s somewhat useful for cat parents. The Lavviebot S will reduce the amount of cleaning you need with an ordinary litter box. Plus, the Lavviebot S will send you an alert when your fur baby has done its business. This one’s not ALL that bad.

5. Petcube Bites


Here’s one cool pet tech you might want to consider buying. The Petcube Bites will help you feed your dog while you’re away. And when you’re not at home, you can even talk to your fur babies through the device. Pretty neat, right?

6. Moai


Don’t worry, fish owners, you’re included in this list. Moai is the pet tech for your aquarium. And it appears that you won’t have to waste time cleaning your aquarium often. It looks promising, and many are backing this on Kickstarter. But it’s always good to ask yourself if this Roomba is worth the investment or nah?

7. DogPhone

woman and dog
Image credit: New York Times

Did you ever want your dog to contact you while you’re outside? That device ISN’T available yet, or you might have to train dogs for that. But there was a Scottish scientist that allowed her dog to call her through a ball. She did mention that sometimes the dog might have grazed on the ball while playing with another toy. It’s pet tech that may need more improvement.

8. Puppod Interactive Dog Game


One way to bond with your dog is to play games with them. The Puppod Interactive Dog Game helps you do that. But you might wonder, do you need a device to play with them? Well, this one does have the upper hand over traditional pet games since this could train your dogs. It’s one of the best top 10 tech you might want to consider buying.

9. Treat Launcher

blue treat launcher

If the Petcube Bites are a hit, the Treat Launcher doesn’t seem like it is. The treat launcher can be a great trick to see how high your dog can fly and catch the treats mid-air. However, Amazon users have reported that there have been issues loading the treats. Well, it’s best to stick with the old-fashioned way of giving treats to your furry buddies: your hands.

10. iFetch


We’re on the fence with this one. Playing fetch with your dogs is one way to bond with them. But the iFetch may take that element out of your day. Sure, you can do other things while your dog or dogs might have fun with the iFetch, but many customers on Amazon have noticed that it only lasted a few months, and it might be dangerous for your fur babies too.

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14 Highest Rated and Most Downloaded Travel Apps in 2022



seated woman

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how important it is to have reliable travel apps. The right app can save you money, time, and stress by giving you all the information you need before heading out. We’ve rounded up some of our the highest rated and most downloaded travel apps that make planning trips easier than ever before:

1. Citymapper

screenshot of citymapper website

Any savvy traveler knows how important it is to have a good map app on your phone. That’s where Citymapper comes in. 

Citymapper is possibly one of the best travel apps 2022 has to offer when it comes to mapping and public transportation. It shows real-time travel options between any two points in a supported city. It combines information for all urban transport systems, including driving, biking, and walking, in addition to public transit. 

2. Agoda

screenshot of agoda website

If you want hassle-free travel, Agoda is your go-to app.

When it comes to booking accommodations all over the world, Agoda is one of the most popular and dependable travel apps. It gives you access to hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, and even villas in various countries. This app offers just what you need to plan your next trip, from its user-friendly interface to the ability to search for properties by city or neighborhood. 

3. Roadtrippers

screenshot of roadtrippers website

If you’re planning a road trip, Roadtrippers can make your life a lot easier. The app allows users to plot up to seven waypoints. It also recommends roadside attractions, scenic stops, and food options along the route. They also offer pre-made guides for road trips popular among users.

4. Skyscanner

screenshot of skyscanner website

Skyscanner is one of the most loved travel apps for flights. It helps you find the lowest airfares and the most affordable hotel rooms. It lets you compare prices from different airlines and hotels instantly so you can find the best deal in your target destination. 

And if you’re looking for car rentals instead of airline tickets or hotels? Well, Skyscanner has that covered too! Their database includes thousands of cars available at every rental agency worldwide so that you can find what kind of car suits your needs best.

5. Timeshifter

screenshot of timeshifter website

Ever landed in a different time zone and felt like a zombie the whole day because of jet lag? Timeshifter could help. The app offers personalized jet lag plans according to your situation. In addition, the app was made by sleep and circadian rhythm experts, so you can rest assured it’s based on science.

6. Uber

screenshot of uber website

Uber is a ride-hailing app that lets you request a ride with the tap of a button. It’s available in many cities and has become the go-to option for getting around town. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to get from point A to point B, this is your best bet!

7. Meetup

screenshot of meetup website

Don’t know anyone at your destination? You can connect with locals in a few taps with Meetup. This app allows you to discover events in specific locations based on your interests. So, whether you’re interested in music, culture, or food, you’ll have a chance to meet new friends who are into those same things.

8. Airbnb

screenshot of airbnb website

Airbnb is one of the most helpful travel apps for globetrotters who prefer to stay away from hotels and instead try local inns, homestays, or bed and breakfast lodgings. It helps you find unique accommodations for your next trip — no matter where you are in the world.

It’s a great way to find a place with a little extra space, an amazing view, or somewhere just far enough away from the tourist traps. You can find everything from private rooms to entire houses! 

9. Rome2rio

screenshot of rome2rio website

Rome2rio is akin to an instant travel guide. It offers data from more than 160 countries, allowing you to explore the place at your own pace. In addition, it also allows users to compare costs so they can stay within their travel budget.

10. Hopper

screenshot of hopper website

Hopper is one of the most popular and useful travel apps for booking flights. It’s not just a flight search engine—it also helps you find the best time to book your flight, find the lowest price on a new flight, and even helps you plan your trip around your schedule.

The app takes into account things like weather, traffic, and other factors so that it can help you make an informed decision. It also assists in finding lower prices than what others are charging by comparing prices from multiple websites. 

11. TripAdvisor

screenshot of tripadvisor website

Sometimes, the best tour guides are other travelers who have also been to the places you’re visiting. If you’re looking for user-generated reviews, TripAdvisor is a good app to download. It features more than 700 million reviews of eight million destinations worldwide – from tourist sites to hotels and restaurants.

12. Waze

screenshot of waze website

Waze is a helpful navigation app that lets you share real-time traffic info with friends. You can use it to find the fastest route, get directions to your destination, and avoid accidents and hazards along the way.

Waze also allows you to report accidents, hazards, or police sightings in your area so other users can avoid them too. The app will also send alerts if there are road closures nearby or speed traps set up by local law enforcement agencies—so you’ll know what’s happening before it happens!

13. Trabee Pocket

screenshot of trabee pocket website

If you need to stay within your travel budget, download Trabee Pocket. This app not only allows you to track your receipts and spending but also offers a quick exchange rate calculator. That said, it’s a perfect companion for trips when you don’t have a small fortune to spend.

14. Google Translate

screenshot of google translate website

Have you ever needed to ask someone in a foreign country where the nearest restroom is? Then, after a few moments of questioning, you realize they don’t understand a word you’re saying! It would help if you had Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most trusted travel apps for iPhone that allows you to translate over 133 languages directly from your phone, so all of the words can be spoken and heard by you. What makes this app even better than other travel apps is its easy use—you just hold your thumb on the screen and say what you want to be translated. It’s as simple as that!

And for other tips, news, and stories, read more here at Owner‘s Mag!

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