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alexandr wang alexandr wang
Startup Central1 week ago

The Youngest Billionaire On The Forbes List Creates Scale AI Platform Used By Big Companies Worldwide

A 25-year-old Asian-American MIT dropout gives Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos a run for their money through his Scale AI...

niharika kolte niharika kolte
Startup Central1 month ago

How Volar Alta automates inspections and logistic support through drones

Startups are darlings when it comes to marrying social impact with technology. And the best part is that young people...

tablet black cup and lens on a table tablet black cup and lens on a table
Startup Central2 months ago

Is Launching a Start-up Worth it? A Tech Expert Weighs In

If you’re a young, savvy entrepreneur who may be pondering, “Is launching a start-up worth it?” Then, Ben Lamm, a...

Business5 months ago

WOW Tech and Lovehoney find Compatible Partner in Each Other with $1.2-B Merger

Pleasure products manufacturer and distributor Lovehoney is merging with premium sexual wellness products provider WOW Tech Group in a $1.2...

Business9 months ago

17-Year-Old Drops Out To Create Exa Mask

Before COVID-19 dominated our lives, Kylie Smith was already in the process of creating a face mask. Exa Mask, a...

Business10 months ago

DoNotPay: The World’s First Robot Lawyer

In legal trouble? Want to contest a parking ticket? Need to sue that sonuva-whaaat? Can’t afford a lawyer? Better Call...

Startup Central10 months ago

WoodSpoon Delivers The Chef To Your Home

WoodSpoon is shaking up the food delivery game. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed an explosion in food delivery. Just...

Startup Central10 months ago

Squire: The Future of Barbershops – A Pandemic Success Story

Since 2016, Squire founders Dave Salvant and Songe LaRon have watched their barbershop-focused startup skyrocket in value. What began as...