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Providing The Feedback Graphic Designers Need to Hear



As a client requesting a project, providing substantial feedback graphic designers could use is necessary. But, in most cases, we’ve noticed that feedback from most clients is vague. That poses many challenges during the revision process. You see, if you do not pinpoint which specific design elements should be retained, and which should be eliminated, there’s going to be several back-and-forth communication. And yes, that could delay your entire marketing or business plan.

So here’s what we have for you. We have created a guide so you’d know what questions to ask your graphic design team. And at the same time, we want you to learn how to generate good feedback graphic designers could use. This should be beneficial not just for you but for your design team as well. 

Before the Project Starts 

Before starting the project, you must already manage each other’s expectations. At the onset, you need to provide the design team with your marketing or business calendar so they also have an idea of how much time is left to complete everything. Here are the questions you need to ask the team. 

How Much Time Do You Need? 

As they always say, you can’t rush art. And this includes your graphic design project. While you may have already drafted your marketing calendar, you must also adjust it based on your designer’s team capacity. 

They can provide a more accurate timeline as they have an idea of the design process. For example, if your design request will start from scratch, they might need to request a longer time. On the other hand, if they already have a branding guide, providing a short deadline is more logical. 

What Information Do You Need From Us?  

Do not expect your graphic designers to read your mind. To be able to meet your expectations, you must provide them with the right tools. We are not talking about software and equipment as they most likely have these at hand. However, if you can provide them with supplemental materials such as images to use, the text copy, and design inspiration, they could already have an idea of how to design your project. 

How Do We Communicate With You?

This question is also critical, most especially if you will outsource your design projects from a third-party service provider. 

You must both establish a single channel where you can exchange ideas and information. If possible, set a regular meeting schedule with the design team and discuss the progress. This is a more practical approach than waiting for the whole design to be finished. With this, you can already pinpoint what might not work, and they could revise it right away. It saves time and effort. 

Are You Familiar with Our Business Goals?

It won’t hurt if you reiterate with the team your business objectives. They need to be in line with the rest of the team to anchor their ideas properly. If you need to provide them additional information aside from the design brief, we recommend doing so. Graphic design is more than just creating aesthetically-pleasing output. It should be backed up by theories and should be your brand’s ‘weapon’ in sending messages to your audience.  

During Design Process 

The bulk of your questions should naturally come before your designer sits in front of the computer to draft. However, as they try to complete the project, you need to work closely with the team and provide substantial feedback graphic designers could refer to. While you might have your own ideas, you must also understand the logic of why your designer might be tweaking some of your suggestions. 

Instead of imposing that they must follow your ideas, ask questions and be more open to new perspectives. Here are a few questions that will encourage your design team to speak up. 

Why Did You Use These Design Elements? 

A professional graphic designer will not just base their designs on what the eyes could see. They are trained to target the audience emotionally. And they can do this by using the right lines, shapes, and even color.

Allow them to provide a rational explanation on why their ideas could work better. You must also trust their judgment and knowledge on how you can speak to your market through visuals. After all, that’s their expertise, and it’s for that reason you hired them. 

Which Parts Do You Think We Should Eliminate?

At times, we could be highly subjective with our decisions. If your designer followed every single detail from your request, you tend to be satisfied. And that’s natural. 

However, some designers are not assertive enough even if they have brilliant ideas. With this, you need to ask them specifically what needs to be changed. After receiving the initial draft, ask them, “Do you think this will work for the market? What could be improved?”  This is the kind of feedback graphic designers need.

As they provide their own suggestion, you begin to accept that there might be design flaws. You get to learn more, and the design project can be improved accordingly. 

When Do We Get the Final Output?   

Even if there’s already a deadline, check with the graphic design team if the remaining time is enough for them to create revisions. With all the changes and requests, perfecting a graphic design is like hitting a moving target. You might need to be more flexible with the schedule and deadline. 

After Executing the Design

Graphic design for brands and businesses doesn’t stop when you already have the visuals at hand. You need to constantly win the market in order to generate sales. In that case, asking questions after execution is also necessary. Plus, you can see the feedback graphic designers received from you.

You can ask your design team the question below. 

Which Design Theme are We Going to Use?

This question is important if you plan to do split testing and have multiple designs published for your audience. More often than not, the analytics could provide more solid information that your designers could use. It could help them identify which design elements work best for the market. They could refine the new design based on the strengths from each sample to create a better output. 


When you are about to give your thoughts to your designer, you must remove your personal biases, most especially if your design is for a brand. What matters most is your market and how they will perceive the design. You need to be objective and collaborative when giving your feedback. Whenever possible, ask your graphic design team the questions above. That’s how you can create a compelling graphic design, whether it’s a logo, poster, billboard, or social media ads.

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company’s proposed Fort Lauderdale transit loop receives mixed reactions



Elon Musk is the one guy you can turn to for the craziest ideas. But is his proposed transit loop in Fort Lauderdale really happening? 

Boring Company, the brainchild of Elon Musk, provides low-cost transportation, fast-to-dig, freight, and utility tunnels. To date, the company has only dug three tunnels, one of which is the Los Angeles test tunnel. The other two are the underground 0.8-mile Las Vegas Convention Center tunnels. 

Now, Boring Company is looking into building another transit loop connecting Fort Lauderdale’s downtown to its beach. Passengers will be brought from point A to B in standard Teslas. Although Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis said it’s an “innovative and unprecedented” way of alleviating street-level traffic, many people are still skeptical about Musk’s proposed transit loop.

It appears that this transit loop project called the “Las Ollas Loop” is just one out of the many proposed tunnels by Musk. The Boring Company had announced projects such as the Chicago loop system and the DC-to-Baltimore tunnel. However, both have seemingly been cancelled, with the latter eliminated from the company’s website. 

This makes everyone wonder: Is the proposed transit loop hot air?

Transit loop drew flak

Although the Boring Company and Fort Lauderdale are in the works of materializing the said plan, engineers, experts, and people concerned are still dubious of the tunnel due to Florida rising sea levels. In addition, many people fear that due to the city’s location, the “Loop” might cause flood risks. 

Climate change might have a huge impact on the fulfillment of the transit loop. Some say if it indeed pushes through, then engineers would have to find a way to use technology and features that fight the impact of climate change. This would have to involve extensive investigation from an engineering and structural perspective. 

Another concern is Florida’s limestones, which make it hard to optimize tunnelling machines due to the natural holes. Moreover, the city dons many underground aquifers, which experts claim need to be protected as well. However, the Boring Company is open to studying the geological aspect on which path to dig that leads to the beach. It can avoid risks and drastic environmental impact.

But one of the valid concerns from transportation planners is why Fort Lauderdale would settle for standard Teslas? With that, they’ll need to drive hundreds of passengers from downtown to the beach when a bus or train can accommodate more. 

Mayor Dean Transalis stays positive

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Transalis is nothing but excited about Musk’s proposed transit loop. Aside from solving traffic in the most congested streets in the city, this project will also relieve parking stress at Fort Lauderdale’s beaches. 

The city of Fort Lauderdale is now seeing an expected $30-million budget for this transit loop. This is despite the Boring Company’s promise of faster construction times and lower costs. However, this promise received criticism from tunnel industry experts and engineers. They say the company doesn’t have new technology for building tunnels. 

Talks from Fort Lauderdale Vice Mayor and Governor are now looking into opening the transit loop by the end of 2022. 

Regardless of the skepticism from transportation and tunnel experts, the Boring Company remains optimistic about the project. They said a ride in standard Teslas that brings people from downtown Fort Lauderdale to the beach would cost each person $5 to $8. This is in comparison to a similar route with Uber, which will cost $10 per person. 

But Mayor Dean Transalis hasn’t yet closed the deal on the Boring Company’s proposal. Instead, he offered other tunnel-digging companies to submit better and more innovative tunnelling methods within 45 days.

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Top 10 Best Meal Delivery Services to Try



Many people have been trying to stay at home amid the coronavirus disease pandemic and grocery delivery services have come to save the day. But if you want to take it up a notch and also save chopping and meal prep time, meal delivery services will be more your jam.

Here are the best meal delivery services to check out the next time you want a convenient home-cooked meal.

1. Freshly 

First on our list of best meal delivery services is Freshly. This platform offers single-serve fully-prepared meals. That means you won’t have to saute, boil, or anything else that would require more than three minutes to do. The plan costs $11.49 per meal for four meals per week but if you order 12 meals per week, the price goes down to $8.49 per meal.

2. Dinnerly 

If you want to feel like a cooking whiz, Dinnerly is one of the best meal delivery services to try. Instead of delivering cooked meals, the platform offers meal kits with all the ingredients you need. The best part is, they offer it for as low as $4.69 per person. Their products cost a lot less than other providers because they use digital recipe cards and spend less on marketing.

3. Sunbasket

If you can’t decide between fully-cooked meals or meal kits, Sunbasket can give you both. They have fresh and ready meals that you can buy and heat up. Or if you want to flex your muscles in the kitchen, you can also try their meal kits. Their dinners start at $8.99 per serving.

4. EveryPlate 

EveryPlate is a good choice for those who want to practice their cooking skills without tiring themselves out too much. The meals only take six steps to make and are ready within 30 minutes.

5. Gobble

If you can only handle 15 minutes of cooking, then check out Gobble. Their chefs do all the tedious work, from peeling and chopping to marinating. So you’ll spend less time preparing and more time enjoying your meal.

6. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh says it’s “America’s Most Popular Meal Kit” and it’s surely worth checking out. Each of their boxes contains pre-portioned farm-fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes with nutritional info. The kit also fits perfectly in the fridge so you can order it in advance.

7. Blue Apron

If you’re the type of foodie who likes to keep things exciting, this service is for you. Blue Apron keeps dinner interesting by offering a wide variety of meals – from healthy options to premium plates. The service costs $9.99 per serving for two recipes per week (each one serving two people).  

8. Purple Carrot

Who says meat-eaters have all the fun? Purple Carrot offers plant-based meals that are good for you and good for the planet. Best of all, their menu options are anything but boring – you’ll get all the flavors and nutrition you need sans the guilt.

9. Green Chef

Green Chef is another favorite for foodies trying to eat clean and stay lean. They offer three menu categories – balanced meal, plat-powered, and keto + paleo. That means you won’t have to go astray from your diet to enjoy delicious meals.

10. Home Chef

Last but not least on our best meal delivery services list is Home Chef. This platform offers weekly meal kits starting at $6.99 per serving. Whether you’re cutting down on carbs, calories, or animal byproducts, they have the plan for you. You can also upgrade, double up, or swap items according to your preferences.

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Coinme: Financial Services Crypto-Enabling Legacy Raises $10M Funding



Coinme, a cryptocurrency startup based in Seattle, raked in $10 million worth of funding from investors. Although fluctuating, cryptocurrency is still a powerhouse this 2021. It’s no wonder why Coinme managed to raise a $10 million grant from its existing investors.

What is Coinme?

Coinme is a cryptocurrency startup founded in 2014. Since day one, the company has made it its mission to be one of the world’s trusted cryptocurrency gateway. The legacy started with the most well-known digital currency— Bitcoin. Using the most relevant digital currency back then, Coin me started a few Bitcoin ATMs. It offers an enterprise “application programming interface” or API to provide Bitcoin’s secure sale. 

Between 2017 to 2020, Coinme experienced an overwhelming 2,200% revenue growth. Due to the consumer’s demand for bitcoin and the pandemic’s uncertainty, their revenue skyrocketed. 

Fast Forward to 2021, Coinme managed to build up and grow thousands of kiosks. The company believes that cryptocurrency provides an equal opportunity for everyone. Therefore it needs to be more accessible.  

Coinme is supported by the following: 

  • Pantera
  • Blockchain
  • Digital Currency Group
  • Xpring
  • Coinstar
  • Hard Yaka
  • Nima
  • Percival Capital

How to Use Coinme

For those who are not aware of how to use Coinme, you can buy Bitcoin with four simple steps. First, you’re required to create a Coinme account. Next, you must be able to locate the nearest kiosk to your place. After that, you can insert cash into the kiosk. 

However, it would be fantastic if you kept in mind that coins are not accepted for Bitcoin transactions. Finally, you can redeem and receive your Bitcoin in an instant. Another thing you need to remember is Coinme’s daily purchase limit.

‘Crypto-enabling’ Feature

Coinme allows the buy and sell of bitcoins with cash for its customers. Currently, the startup has more than 15,000 locations through partnerships such as Coinstar and Moneygram. Coinme had its bitcoin ATM. However, it’s focusing on its cryptocurrency cash network. 

Using the digital currency cash network allows financial services such as Moneygram to be “crypto-enabled” via an enterprise API. 

Although the market is volatile, most of Coinme’s consumers are not speculating about its price. Instead, they take advantage of Coinme to acquire cryptocurrencies at store value. There are a lot of ways to take advantage of Coinme’s services. It includes using cryptocurrencies as payment for services and goods or sending it to your friends and family.

$10 Million Worth Funding

As the largest licensed cash network for cryptocurrencies in the US, Coinme raised $10 million for strategic funding. The funds were raised by Coinme’s existing investors, including Digital Currency Group, a capital market company.  

Coinme Expansion

The startup plans to expand internationally in the upcoming months. Currently, the company has 58 people in total and managed $30 million to date. Neil Berquist, Coinme’s CEO and co-founder shared expansion plans later this year. He announced that the company would dive into various markets, starting with Latin American.  

El Salvador recently became the first country to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender formally. Yes, that means history was marked during cryptocurrencies’ most crucial time. Meanwhile, politicians of Latin American countries share support for bitcoin’s adoption as legal tender. The politician’s active support drives a more favorable opinion of locals. 

Specifically, politicians from various nations such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, and Panama have expressed their interest and support for cryptocurrency. 

Other than penetrating the international markets, Coinme plans to add multi-coin support to its system. It means we get more digital currency offering aside from Bitcoin. It also plans to add a type of payment to buy and sell digital currencies on Coinme’s products. 

According to Bergquist, people want different types of payment. Consumers want to buy using their bank account. He especially pointed out how consumers expressed their demands to access different cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Well, now, all your demands are being fulfilled by Coinme, one step at a time.  

Final Thoughts

According to PR News Wire, by 2023, the blockchain market, as expected, will rise to $23.3 billion. With the continued growth, investors are sure to spread investment to promising cryptocurrency startups. Since 2017, cryptocurrency startups like Coinme have raised funding. Overall, startups reached a whopping number of $20 billion to date.

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