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Chad Stender Of SeventySix Capital Joins Camden Tech Meet-Up



chad stender

In one of many meet ups located in Camden, the Waterfront Lab invites Chad Stender, Director of Operations at SeventySix Capital, to Camden’s June Tech Meet up. At the meetup, Jie Kuang, Moderator and Editor-In-Chief of Owner’s Magazine, sits down with Stender to discuss some sensitive topics in intent for startups to learn. In speaking about his career, the power of being nice, the future of startups, and what it takes for VCs to invest, there are many things to take away from this event.

As an entrepreneur, Venture capitalist, and Director of Operations, Stender’s career spans from working at Disney to the SeventySix Capital. After graduating college, Chad was gifted an internship job at Disney, in which he then made the decision to move to Orlando, Florida. Although his check was only $10 an hour, Stender’s advanced internship taught him many things in his stay with food and beverages. From working with the best customer service program globally, he learned many values that he still withholds today, due to Disney. This quickly ended though, as he later understood his drive for working with sports. Once Stender had quit his internship with Disney to go back to school in Philly for a graduate degree, he quickly landed another internship opportunity with the 76ers. In many more openings working with Comcast and the Flyers, it all adds up to his plan that will eventually lead him to his true vocation. Although nothing he did was linear, he had a world map and the opportunity to meet with many people that gave him his career today. In meeting unique and gifted entrepreneurs, Stender would then learn his calling path to working with entrepreneurs and innovations in the startup world. Others recognized his skills and wisdom, which led to SeventySix Capital, calling for a perfect position for him there.

chad stender

Photo courtesy of Joanna Lam

In developing his own personal quota of the power of being nice, Stender ultimately aims to invest in being smart and nice. In being a smart entrepreneur, it takes executing your vision respectfully, knowing when to push and when to pull, and simply, understand who to bring on the team. To be nice on the other hand, it’s far more difficult to be sincere and genuinely kind. Reason being, some people are simply just not considerate in response. If that is the case, it still shouldn’t be the reason to be difficult. Take into precaution, the founder’s personal life, spouse, kids, etc. The best and smart thing to do is to be considerate, help them through their personal conflict so they can go back to their work. Normalize the personal aspect of business and keep the people in mind. It’s the small gestures that relieve the outcome. So take Stender’s saying, “be nice always, life is too short to work with the wrong kind of people”.

Chad then jumps to another topic, when asked about the startup community. He related it to the iPhone. “It’s 10 years old now”, he says, “and it is easily identified as the most powerful device in this century.” To start a business today, it’s all in your pocket. It’s that simple. The difference between now and then is the growth. Startup communities are rapidly growing now more than ever, simply because it’s that easy to get involved and make a difference. To start a revolution, it’s all in your pockets, meaning, it’s all in arms reach. In additional talks of Camden’s startup community, Chad Stender is thoroughly impressed with Camden’s people, along with their drive and passion there. As the ecosystem is striving to achieve, the attempt to silence all of the negative criticism is making an effect through the celebration of all of Camden’s wins. By changing the mindset and stigma to Camden’s name, more entrepreneurs are able to expand their innovative ideas into Camden.

The most vital yet terrifying task for startups rely on the investors. Finding an investment is a full time concentration. When you have a lead investor trying to get money into your company, that is the best scenario. If on the other hand, you feel forced to take a capital, only to keep your company going, that’s not going to be a good relationship. If you take an investment, but you don’t believe in this team or leaders, it’s a bad start. If you know in your gut, don’t take the investment. Trust your gut in all business instances.

chad stender

Photo courtesy of Joanna Lam

In another scenario, some investors just might not be interested. Chad Stender calls it as, “every no is just a not yet, you have to be resilient.” On the investor’s side, reasons for not taking an investment is not because of the team or the idea. It is actually because it’s not the investor’s focus. To investors, they view it as enabling them from adding value that can be deemed useful since it’s an area they’re not acknowledged in. To get over that, you have to ask the real questions. The two best things in this situation are the responses, yes and no. With the worse possible replies of ‘maybe’ and ‘I don’t know’. Maybe is just a comfort zone, it’s a reassurance that things could work out. With a no, you can simply move on, it’s not the right fit. Get out of the maybe, hopefully you’ll get the yes. The biggest thing to investors are the people and team behind the idea. So it is crucial to know your investor. For Chad Stender, he really enjoys being hands on. He strives on really getting to know the founders, team, and the advisors. So if a company doesn’t agree with that, it won’t work out. There must be an understanding on both sides. The shiniest product doesn’t always win, it’s the people that makes the company go.

The worst situation to be in is getting out of an investment. Getting out of an investment happens and it’s not pretty. You might think you want to work with this company for years but one day, you just wake up with an even better idea. Its business and you have to deal with it when things don’t work out the way you want it to. Chad Stender has been through it, and so does a lot of investors, it happens. Business keeps going.


5 Facial Recognition Apps



recognition face

Facial recognition is a computer application that is capable of identifying a person’s face from a digital image, video frame or video source. It compares the person’s features in the image to the database. Facial recognition is usually found in security systems and compared to biometrics such as fingerprints or iris recognition systems. It is becoming popular as a marketing and commercial identification tool.

Google Photos

Google photos is a great facial recognition app because it can easily detect faces of people in your photo album. This can help you search and share photos easily or organize photos in groups. You can use this app to backup photos from your Android or iOS app device, so you can view your gallery on the internet. This app has free unlimited storage if you use the “high quality setting enabling you to store photos up to 16 mega pixel and videos up to 1080p. However, if you want to store larger photos and videos Google Photos will automatically use your Google Drive storage space.


ThisLife is a great app to store photos and videos. You can also use the internet to access them across different platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Say goodbye to galleries. Simply tag by person, group, Instagram, Facebook, place, or custom. Once you’ve tagged a person, ThisLife will automatically detect facial features in past and future images so that you can store and sort your photos and videos easily. All videos and pictures are private by default and stored in full resolution. You can create an album of an event and the app will arrange the photos to make a story.


PhotoTime uses facial recognition to organize your photos. It uses facial recognition to search for photos by name, place, or event. If you don’t like using Apple’s photo app, this is a good replacement, because it can search for photos based on who is in them, what is in the photo, and where it was taken. Many other companies use facial recognition as a way to organize photographs but very few can use it to search for what is in the photo. Search for sunset, birthday or your pet for example and PhotoTime can do this for you.


Get a free photo editor and library with PhotoFunia. This app can provide hours for fun for photo editing lovers. Using facial recognition, you can swap faces with other people in the photo, add visual effects, filters, and graphics to your photographs. Simply upload the photo and wait for it to show up. The company’s facial recognition software will automatically identify faces in the photo so you can add effects, funny faces, and photo montages for hours of fun with over 100 different effects.

Beauty Selfie Facing Camera

Say goodbye to grainy selfies with Beauty Selfie Facing Camera. Edit and correct imperfections and retouch easily before sharing to family and friends. This app is available for iPhone.

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Using Live Video To Double Your Business



live video

Instagram Live Video, Facebook Live Video, and Periscope – more than likely you would have heard of these social media platforms, but did you know they are the latest technological breakthroughs for users to incorporate into their business? These platforms allow you to connect powerfully and easily with your audience, which means as an entrepreneur, you are able to personalize your brand and business amongst targeted viewers.

Engaging with your audience is key to running a successful company. Gone are the days where you can just create a website, cross your fingers, and hope that people will find it and contact you for your products or services. We live in a new era, where billions of people are constantly connected to their smart phone. According to Facebook, there are 1.18 billion active users that visit their social network on a daily basis! So with the Live Video option, you are now able to literally interact in real time with your audience. Think what that can do for your business.

The first thing you may be asking yourself right now is, how can I reach more people without a large following? Well, the easiest and quickest way to build a responsive following is to become Keyword specific. This means that you are targeting people specifically interested in your niche and what you have to offer. It is better to have 100 followers that are engaged and interested in buying your product or service than 1,000 followers that take little to no action on your offers. One of the fundamental keys to your business growth is to create an organic following.


How to build a following organically


Content is king

The more value and content you post regularly on social media — the more followers you are going to gain. People want to learn, be entertained, and see valuable posts from you.

Assuming you’re doing this and you have a responsive following, now you are able to incorporate Live Video! Before you “go live” you must have a game plan on exactly what you will be talking about. Go in prepared or you’ll lose interest and engagement.

Keep in mind the attention span of the average person is extremely short, so you have one chance and one chance only.  Make it count! Lucky for you, you don’t have to be on Live Video for too long to get your message across. A handy acronym to use is: K.I.S.S: Keep it short and simple! Your audience will love you for that, trust me!

Build a bond

Like anything worthwhile in life, the power of our bonds with others is what binds us together.  Strip all the technology away and we are simply human beings creating connection and bonds, which create trust and trust creates fans and buyers. With your current audience, you must build a bond, in other words, a relationship with them. You can do this with live video. Have a conversation with your audience, while keeping them entertained. Ask questions, acknowledge your viewers, and deliver value that they can take away once you’re done.

Now that you’ve created a relationship with your audience ask them to spread the word by liking to share and comment. The more likes and shares you get, the further your reach gets. Now the way Facebook’s algorithm works is, with the more activity that is happening on your post or feed, they will make sure everyone can watch it and have the opportunity to engage. Whenever a user logs onto Facebook, they will see you first on their feed!

Create a contest

People love winning. Creating a giveaway or a contest that gives your users the chance to gain something by participating will spread your name and page around Facebook like wildfire. It’s scary how fast news will spread when done correctly. A word of caution: Make sure you set clear and concise rules to your contest to avoid unnecessary drama or miscommunication.

On your post, make sure to include a form. Here, you will gather the user’s information: name and email address. These two requirements are essential for you. You have not only gained new leads for your business, but your new leads have also done free advertising work for you and your business. By liking, sharing, and commenting on your post, they have now expanded your message to their following, giving them the opportunity to participate in the contest and spread the word even farther. There are a ton of ways you can grow your audience exponentially with a few cleverly executed strategies.

Live Video Doubling Your Business

Providing value and entertaining info on your product or service without sounding like a door salesman will take you a long way. At the end of each video, provide a call to action for your audience to participate in. An example of this could be, “Click the link in my bio to learn more.” Keep in mind that you do not have to provide a call to action in every video. Spamming your viewers will only backfire.

Another approach you can have is leaving a cliffhanger at the end of each video where your viewers will want to see your next Live Event. It leaves you with suspense, which ultimately makes you come back for more. That’s the effect you need to have on your audience.

Your call to action could be clicking a link that you’ve posted on your page, tagging a friend on your most recent post, and/or leaving a comment with their email on your post. The link that the user will be clicking should direct them to a landing page where you will be able to provide the user with value and an offer. That ties back into a sales funnel, where you can convert leads into buyers.

At the end of the day, Live Video allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level. This form of communication will be help you convey your message more clearly as they watch you live. You will have a better connection with your viewers as you build a connection through emotions. Live video allows your audience to learn more about you, your business and what you’re selling. Make it exciting, provide value,  develop creative call to actions for your audience and watch your business grow.

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8 Benefits To Owning A Drone



reasons to own a drone

Drones have become one of the most popular gadgets of 2016. It is used in different ways ranging from disaster relief to pizza delivery. Thanks to technology becoming more affordable, people are buying drones for different purposes. If you are thinking about buying a drone, here are some interesting ways it could benefit you.

Enhance Real Estate Photos & Videos

For realtors, the drone can be a godsend. It can help you enhance aerial photographs of a property and even do over head videos. In fact, using drones for real estate is one of the hottest ways to benefit from owning a drone. Using drones in real estate is one of the best ways to showcase a property. Plus, if other real estate agents don’t have drones yet, you have a distinct advantage of showing potential buyers unique views of a property. Aerial shots will give potential buyers spatial information and give you an edge among potential clients.

Monitor Farms

If you’re a farmer that loves technology, you can use drones to monitor your whole farm. Drones can bring information about your crops or herd. Use this technology to determine the health of crops and animals, how much pesticide or feed you need or where to apply it, or determine the best time for harvest. Drones can also be used to determine crop rotation to help maximize yield.

Better Photography Business

It seems that everybody with a camera these days instantly becomes a photographer. But if you want beautiful and unique shots, a drone can up your edge among the competition. Adding a drone to your arsenal can give you shots and videos that no other photographer has taken before. Not only are drones great for aerial photography, they are also used for weddings, parties, and other events to help photographers capture a bird’s eye view of the occasion. Offering aerial shots of an event will ultimately become part of the package for many photographers in the future.

Map Your Property

Want to see what your house looks like from the air? Get a drone and find out. Many people love their home so taking pictures of it is perfectly natural. Drones can take high resolution photos, so you can frame aerial photos of your house to show guests.

Catch Corrupt Companies Red Handed

In Oak Cliff Texas, a drone captured a river of red. It turns out that a meat packing company was dumping blood in the Trinity River which led to multiple investigations. It helped stop the pollution of a body of water.

Up The Social Media Ante

If you’re a social media addict, a drone can greatly improve your visibility and lead to more likes and follows. Many people do selfies with their cameras so why not add a twist to your usual selfie by taking it from a drone and uploading it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This is a good way to become social media royalty and lead to money making ventures in the future.

Stunning Footage

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take stunning photographs. In some cases, all you need is a drone. This is because an aerial shot is very unique and almost always awe-inspiring, no matter who takes it. If you want a unique photo or video of ordinary like fishing on a lake, make it into stunning footage by shooting it on a drone.

It’s Fun

Drones are fun. The FAA keeps on rolling out rules to limit what you can do with drones but it does not diminish the fun you have with it. Drones are fun not because of the FAA’s limitations, but because man has always wanted to find out what it feels to fly. With drones, we can do this and see the world from a bird’s perspective.

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